Do Mods have a right to lock a harmless ongoing thread just because the conversation is pointless from Mods perspective?


I understand this site is super mod friendly, and mods have superpowers. Though, do they have a right to lock any thread just because conversation there is pointless from mods perspective, even if the thread is harmless and other forumosans are enjoying the unproductive conversation, and trying to be understood each others points?


If you really want an answer, you’re going to have to better refine the concept of “ok” in your question, partner.


we each have autonomy to do as we see fit. i for one welcome feedback if my decisions are disagreeable. but i oversee some really tame fora. others mileage may vary.


Hmmm. I’m gaining a new understanding about how this forum operates. Not entirely liking it…


So, is it correct that there is no unified answer among mods to my question, and your answer to my question is yes?


i don’t think that’s what i said. i said i am open to constructive feedback regarding any mod decision i make.


Thanks for the clarification.

So, that means I havent got any answer to my question yet.


OK, now that you’ve changed it, the answer is “yes”.


ok. of course we can lock any thread we want.


Yeah, be that as it may, no matter how fair and equitable you (or any of your co-enforcers) may be, don’t pretend that any one of you is ever going to go against any of the others, no matter how egregious their actions.
You know, LAPD-style.




So, your answer is yes. Is it your personal answer to my question or unified answer of mods?


That’s kind of overstated :slight_smile: It’s certainly an option depending on the situation. @yyy did give more of a justification than that:

I don’t think he’s around now, so let’s wait for his input.

Totally untrue. Someone temped and locked my conversation yesterday, and I even got accused of trolling recently!


In other Forum I visited - yes they locked it and if members didn’t follow some certain rules the will locked it and banned the members.

Here it is pretty much like my mommy back home need to be careful on every single words.


I think I know the answer to this one.

And the answer is: if you are a normal user of the forum, you accept they do whatever they want with your posts. They may or may not be able to justify a violent action such as to remove your words or alter them.

It sucks, and that’s why I already invited you all to move all the interesting contents to The Temp, where at least I welcome your shitty opinions and silliness.


dude, really?

i do not have jurisdiction in my co-volunteers’ fora, but if i really disagreed with a decision, i would contact them privately and discuss it. if i was livid about it, i would invite @tempogain to the chat. i irrevocably respect his insight and dedication to this community.

in fact, any major decision is usually hashed out in private prior to the switch being thrown. we have a earnest group of people at the helm, and i trust that they have the spirit of the community at heart.

as a long term member, you cannot argue that this place isn’t a damn site (#ducwidt?) better than the clique it used to be. and as loathe as i am to remember those battles…lapd-style? :japanese_goblin:


I expected nothing less, although I didn’t anticipate your response being quite so laughable, good one.
(pretty sure you mean “loath”, just sayin)

Anyways, keep up the good work, Comrade.
The Комитет is most pleased with your work.



Hit them in the vocabularies Rocket!

Our time will come



Wow is it that time AGAIN already for there to be blowback about how autocratic the mods are?

I’d better start looking out for the “why is there a women’s forum we need a men’s forum” thread any day now. The classics never get tired, do they?


Now I understood that I didnt understand what this forum is, and the way I tried to appeal was completely wrong, and the answer to my question is yes.

“We think of Forumosa as a “Moderator’s Forum”. The rules are designed to help the moderators moderate the forums. Decisions about content are ultimately made by that forum’s moderator(s), who have paramount authority in their respective forums. If you wish to appeal a decision, you may email admin (at) or leave us a Google Voice message at +1 (413) 248-7743 – and the admins may then choose to raise the matter with the respective moderator. However, there is no guarantee that the moderator will change their decision, and the admins are unlikely to overturn a moderator decision, except under the most extreme circumstances.”