Do Most Singaporeans support CCP/China?

This is disturbing… I didn’t realize CCP had so much support from Ethnic Chinese

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Do not take me wrong.
Singaporeans are, generally speaking, very nice people.

If we take aside the older generation, with whom I hardly get in touch unless I go to a local market (where I actually happen to go often for lunch), the people below 40-35 are actually nice people, they have travelled, they have studied abroad for at least some time, they are into fashion, music, sports, they are not bad people at all.

They might tend to group among themselves, but overall it is a friendly environment and it is not hard to meet colleagues or make some basic friendship over football or some sports - they might not get too close to you but this is what typically happens when you do not live in your Country and you live in a Country which is fundamentally different from yours.

However, when I speak with Singaporeans friends, they have really hard time understanding simple concepts. As I mentioned, they do think that a parliament to work needs 80-90% of majority.
They think that, for example, in Barcelona ANY girl going out overnight is risking to be raped, or Chinese people risk to be beaten up. They do not have a clear understanding of how things are going in general.
They do have extreme thoughts always and they think what the government does cannot be questioned, if not on reddit. A protest won’t do anything they say, we are not rioters (as if only rioters protests…)
I could speak very long about it, but it is a difficult topic.


I tried my best to take some dude with a beanie and pandas on his eyes seriously.

That was actually a good explanation. His Mandarin is easier to understand than Taiwanese people.

I don’t think he knows much about the Chinese diaspora. Taiwanese definitely don’t stake their 面子 on China’s status.

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Very cool guy tbh, one of the only artists in the Chinese speaking world not afraid to speak his mind or worry about being shut off from China market for saying the wrong things

did this song


I’m an outsider but have team there and as such travel there often. This is also my impression.

Is this guy from Taiwan though?

He is Malaysian, he made it very clear in the video.

He went to college in Taiwan though.


Do most ethnic Chinese Malaysians dislike Taiwan? Since they like China

In general, most ethnic Chinese Malaysians prefers traveling and living in Taiwan, but would support whatever the CCP claims about the glorious reunification of the Chinese nation, and condemn Taiwan’s efforts to remain an independent nation.

A portion of the younger generation with access to information outside of what’s being portrayed in the media would instead support Taiwan and Hong Kong’s fight for freedom. However, they are by no means the majority.


Wow thats sad…

I’m living in the diaspora. Taiwan is part of my identity, and it affects how I feel about myself. But it has no bearing on my 面子, because Americans don’t know Taiwan from Thailand. The better Taiwan does, the more excited I am to tell people about Taiwan.

China has no bearing on me whatsoever.

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All of my travels and dealings in Singapore have left me with a great distaste for their love of China.

Its more they consider themselves chinese in the sense of race and. culture, and singaporean in nationality. maybe not so unlike many middle aged plus taiwanese. Factually accurate to be fair. Generally, thats the vibe i get. but never met any with hostility towards taiwan, friends love visiting. What i find is they are very, VERY ignorant to the idea of freedom and human rights, and are accustomed to trusting the government. Where their ignorance tends to shine through is. that the CCP and singapores government have vastly different tactics. Although Singapore isnt a shining beacon of freedom on any level either…

I have had many negative delings in singapore. Detained, pulled out in borders, searched, phones and camera equipment taken, sd cards confiscated etc. the last time we went back for a wedding and did the business tour BS that is SG. when at the airport leaving, went to exchange the last of our cash to taiwan dollars. their screen showed a blank for taiwan where every other country had their flag displayed. i was laughing and asked the lady why there was a space there. She was mute and unamused, so i asked a few more times differently, the same puppet reaponse. Then it just came out without thought, “i guess we always knew singapore is bought an paid for by china”. Security showed up, asked if there are any problems. I got really polite right Fing quick, apologized and made some face saving ignorant white fool excuses and went on my may. I know the drill in SG. Sorry sir, nevermind. Back to your government screened, scheduled programing.


Did you guys see his job for korean fish. Lots can be said, but overal funny. I quite like Namewee

Singaporeans don’t engage in deep political debates as us Westerns (or Taiwanese, HKers) do almost on a daily basis. We are actually laughed at for being “too sensitive” when it comes to politics, which is a way of saying “chill la bro”. So there is neither support nor hate for CCP, just the acknowledgement that China is a dictatorship ruled by CCP, and that’s about it. Even when I was triggering the topic of protesters in Hong Kong last year, the most that I would hear was a generic “poor guys, they are so young” or “haiz, HK now very jialat (bad situation)”.

The hate is for PRC nationals, who were given Permanent Residence easily in the 2006-2010 era and whose different manners and attitude, especially the rich ones, made and still make locals furious. Many even used Singapore just as a stepping stone to get citizenship and then use it to apply for citizenship in another country, like Australia or US. Property prices sky-rocketed in that period, similarly to what happened in Hong Kong after the handover, because of Chinese investment pouring in, which made homes much less affordable for locals. And so on.

More than support, I would say that Singaporeans have a pragmatic approach. They acknowledge that Chinese money and businesses play an important role in the economy, so good relationships with PRC (and subsequently with CCP) are equally important.

Ignorance is(n’t) bliss.

But they will always live in a special bubble that is quite unique in the world and will likely never be touched or messed with, and somehow always in the game.

This (funny) video from three years ago is one of the best examples of how tense relations between local Singaporeans and PRC so-called “new citizens” is.

From what I understand, the root cause is that Singapore only has 3.5 million people. They need talent, and they want to keep the Chinese majority at 75%. So the last wells of immigration from HK, and engineers from Taiwan has dried, so they go after China Chinese folk. And unlike Taiwan, Singapore doesn’t have espionage issues with more China Chinese coming in.

Thanks for saying the taboo statement that I was trying to avoid :rofl: :rofl: There was actually a big espionage case a few years back (LKY School professor Huang Jing banned, has PR cancelled, for being agent of influence for foreign country), but I get your point.


Reviving this thread to draw attention to former Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo (楊榮文) rolling into Taipei in September to propose that Taiwanese could join a “Chinese Commonwealth” with the PRC. Given the size and scale differences between the PRC and Taiwan, I think it’s pretty easy to imagine the possible outcomes of such a scheme.

In response to Yeo’s proposal, the awesome William Stanton (now apparently back in Taiwan and working again at NCCU) offers a counter-proposal: Singapore should try this first to show us all how great it is. He then explains in some detail why Singapore would be a better fit and better model for this kind of Commonwealth. The level of trolling here really does need to be read to be believed. :rofl:



People from authoritarian and quasi-authoritarian countries tend to support other authoritarian countries. See Serbs, Turks, Russians etc.