Do most Taiwanese parents have their newborn boys circumcised?

Do most Taiwanese parents have their newborn boys circumcised?

What about those who were not circumcised at birth or as young
boys… do they get themselves circumcised when they become
adults or later in life?

Just wondering… was watching a documentary on PBS talking
about adult men in the US who voluntarily go under the knife in
their 20s to 40s… and of course, those who advocate against it.

Definitely not most. Genital mutilation of children has never caught on here. It’s never been part of Han culture. I don’t think Taiwanese aborigines ever did it either, though it’s not uncommon in other Austronesian cultures.

Male genital mutilation happens in Korea, but for some reason occurs in boyhood rather than infancy. Supposedly a result of the US presence.

In Malaysia and Indonesia it’s tied up with Islam and happens to both males and females - whether in infancy of childhood. In the Philippines I think it’s just the males.


Not really.

It’s more of a Korean thing.


What is with the US, anyhow? I’m as perplexed as you all are.

For Taiwan, it’s generational. I’m told taht at one point doctors thought it’s more hygienic to have circumcision, and later on the view was turned around.

Regardless, I think who ever discovered such a surgery was possible had too much time on their hands…

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In the USA, circumcision caught on during the 19th century as a way to prevent masturbation later in life. (Thank you, John Harvey Kellogg!) This explains why American men rarely masturbate.

In Taiwan, circumcision is not normally done, but one of my nephews was circumcised as a six-year-old for medical reasons (good or bad).

Where on earth have you been getting your information from? :ponder:

I’ve heard of Taiwanese boys having their parents circumcised :idunno:

Jesus I’m glad I’m circumcised then otherwise I wouldn’t have a free minute in the day.


Being half-circumcised I only masturbate for mini skirts, not for hot pans. Unless on weekends.

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Will hospitals do it at the request of the parents?



I got circumcised because my foreskin was too tight.

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Yeah, but I mean for babies when they’re born. I know it isn’t done often in Taiwan. I also know some people think it’s objectionable, genital mutilation, barbaric, medically unnecessary, a violation of of the child’s rights, hygienic, medically preferable, more attractive, and/or a parent’s right.
I’m just asking if a hospital gives the option and/or performs the procedure at the parent’s request.

I read the old threads. I don’t want to rehash a decades old debate no one won. I just want to know, drama free.

Hopefully not.

I’m not quite sure why this is an ‘acceptable’ question where a baby boy is concerned, and unacceptable where the baby is female.

Effectively you’re asking if a third party can be contracted to sexually assault a child - possibly your child? That’s some sick stuff.

Wellcome back. I don’t know either. I’m not interested in knowing. I just want to know the answer to the question I asked. I hope someone has an answer. Maybe people only have opinions. Those are more fun to say, but they’ve been said.

Generally it is something that you need to request. It won’t be offered up front as an option. But it can be done.

Idk if this is a joke or you’re serious since your name is biggusdickus.


He perhaps just didn’t want to be stuck with the name littlusprepuceus on internet forums.

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