Do NGOs actually do anything?

Only if by cultural, you mean something along bacteriological lines…

Bullshit. The market values art, music, writing every day.

No, they have not. Discovery and National Geographic do a better job. Look at Yellowstone and all the other great parks. Set up by conservatives who were also conservationalists back 100 years ago. The new breed engages in emotional discourse about saving a species of limited to no value as it may differ from its counterpart in the next valley only slightly. Yet, the intensity of the screaming and signs and protests to save the spotted, terracotta, spa-dwelling, yoga-exercising tree lizard are inversely proportional to the true value and uniqueness of the species in question. It is the same with global warming. Lots of invective and hyperemotional cant but very little in the way of education. Then, it is no wonder these movements are abandoned when the next great cause comes along and these people look down their noses at suburban housewives! What is the difference between the latter obsessively choosing a child´s breakfast cereal, a softer brand of two-ply toilet paper or an anti-static fabric sheet for the dyer and these idiots with their cause du jour?

Growing power? Okay. So, the air and water and forests and wildlife species of North America and Europe are more endangered now than 100 years ago? 200 years ago? Really?

Face it. Most NGOs are self-serving greedy capitalists but rather than produce anything of value, they are out to grab as much in grants and funding to keep their jobs. At least the private sector produces something. And if these NGOs are so valuable then let´s see how they do without a federal tax writeoff for donations given to them. That would also dry up these eternal foundations with their ¨causes¨ and so much the better. After all, it is the Left which makes up most of the NGO staffing. The left claims to care about federal tax revenues so let´s get rid of this loophole and give more to the federal government OR the reality is that these left-leaning foundations do not despite their rhetoric believe that the federal government is equipped to deal with education or the environment and helping the poor. In that case, why not send ALL the money to the NGOs and can the departments of education, health and human services, housing and urban development, and the environment. Which is it?

[quote=“BigJohn”] NGOs do accomplish things.

…no one here has offered any evidence that NGO’s are useless as Fred said.

I consider the point won.[/quote]

Well, you can have that point. It isn’t really a great victory. Not a very high bar to reach. NGOs are [color=#FF0000]not useless[/color] and they [color=#FF0000]do things[/color]. :laughing: