Do not buy Biohazard 4 for PC!

I saw this on the shelves a few days ago and remember raves about the Game Cube version. This piece of crap is worse than a simple port. It doesn’t even support mouse aiming, and the aiming even on a Logitech Rumblepad is very iffy. Avoid at all costs. Had a choice between this and Command and Conquer 3, and now I am kicking myself. How can a gaming company get away with such laziness is beyond me.

On the brighter side a mate told me that Stalker : Shadow of Chernobyl is out and has been seen around Taipei. Anyone know where?

Also, it looks like Burning Crusade is ready to hit locally. My US Rogue and Shamanare running th big end game stuff while my 60 chinese rogue begs for some love and attention. Anyone know its exact arrivaldate

Biohazard 4 is great on PS2 :sunglasses: Games are always best on the system they were designed for… so of course a port to PC is gunna suck in comparison~

From the ads on TV it said that BC went retail on the 20th of March in Taiwan.

If you’re into MMO’s you should check out Lord of the Rings Online. It hasn’t got too much press but it’s actually a damn solid game, looks very impressive as well. Open beta is starting in about 3 days and they’ve got 1 million open beta slots.

Open Beta Signup Around 600k people have signed up already.

Personally I’m waiting for Warhammer Online :slight_smile:


I just stick to Ragnarok Online… all those 3d online game is getting really complicated. I play the international RO though and its laggy as hell but at least I can communicate with their players…