Do not poop in hotel room like this Taiwan tourist, big fine

seems in japan, needs pay about NT$15,000 (70,400Yen) to clean the room, it seems be in bath (shower room) and not in toilet

In this day and time, how can anyone in Taiwan not be toilet trained, even cat learns (not sure about dogs)


Just embarass them like taiwan embarrasses Chinese people shitting in odd places. Won’t happen after long. Imagine the face loss if hotels in Japan had a sign stating: Taiwanese people: Don’t poo in the shower. And a diagram showing how to use a toilet and a big red X over a shower shat.

It would make big news, the governemnt would spend some project funding, and it would be quite funny.

My bet is on a person that was too drunk/high.

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They could maybe just import some of the existing signs from China?


My first ever visit to Taroko Gorge I went to the Wenshan hot spring. Very basic just a single hut to change clothes in. Went in the hut and some wanker had taken a big dump in the middle of the floor.

Mind you I did it once in the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Stomach just went on me and I staggered into one of the hundreds of chambers and relieved myself. Lucky it didn’t happen at the Taj I guess.


Our family used to camp a lot, but too many instances of someone shitting in the showers. Too many times getting the kids ready to shower and then finding shit.

For some reason some people like not flushing the toilet after a giant shet here at my workplace

Maybe parental pride?


I found shit in the shower at world gym once.

The tour guide boss/leader paid for it himself? Oh boy, he took it as a lesson to himself to pay more attention when leading a tour group…

I wonder how old the person who left his mark is.

It’s hualien, 50/50 it was still a China man.

Or woman.

Accidents happen. I judge those by the shape. Puddles/splatters I forgive. Albiet nasty. Hard logs, nuh uh buddy. That shit was intentional…

That just defies logic. Maybe some of the more cave men like genetics make comparisons between drains and squat toilets without the basic I telligence or education about where those pipes go afterwards. Taipei zoo has lots or murals about poop. Maybe slap some zoo qr codes on said campsite bathrooms where monkeys shit on floors.


Maybe it wouldn’t flush as it was too big.

I’m just imagining this hotel case being the same way, wouldn’t flush so just picked it up and dropped it on the ground

那 這樣就好了

I see this more at offices, its bit strange as most cafes are clean (there is a sign at the to flush the toilet paper and put put it the bin, maybe should “flush always”)

but also before was at factories to

Behind the superficially placid surface, there are some truly strange people here. Watch the driving, that gives a more precise look at some of the self-centered approaches some people adopt in relating to others.

And here’s the crucial part: almost no one will call them out.