:facebook: Do NOT Teach English in China and Why EVERYONE Should Read This

That does not sound fun. I visualized someone who freshly graduated taking a year or two to enjoy living in prague teaching English while enjoying trips around Europe and chasing girls/boys at the the clubs/bars.

It sounds more like eating cup noodles to make it each month…

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There is a street in Prague that is so narrow it has a traffic light to prevent pedestrian traffic jams


Europe is expensive and don’t think because it’s so expensive that the wages are high. Germany for example do not have a minimum wage, and last I heard (I do not know if the situation has resolved itself) 400 euro per month mini jobs are sickingly common. You cannot live on 400 euros a month anywhere in Europe except with your parents. A lot of high cost of living places do not have high wage to go with it! As a result only the very rich live there and poverty is bad.

It might not be huge, but Germany has a minimum wage.

I was under the impression germany has a min wage. Italy for example does not have a min wage. Wages are set by unions. The law only says wages must be able to provide a living for the employee. So not so clear.

Germany has a minimum wage, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Scandinavian countries don’t.

There is some momentum to push through a new legislation for min wage in Italy now. Not sure if it was pass into law yet.

“Page not found”, but you are correct. :slight_smile:

Where do you get this information from? Do you just sit around and make stuff up?

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Maybe info 10 years ago

Last time I was in Germany was 2011, that is why I wrote in that post “I do not know if the situation have been resolved”. I remember reading in the news at the time that Germany did not have a minimum wage law and were talking about implementing it.

Please don’t go assuming the worst about people just because he happened to post something that may be incorrect or outdated. We’re not all encyclopedias.


So, you admit that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Why post stuff about this then? Germany and Northern Europe are some of the most developed counties in the world. Yes, things are more expensive there, but you don’t see people living with their parents in the way you describe. Most people are out of the house once they’ve reached a certain age and education level. They become independent. Europe is not Taiwan.

ADV talking about teaching English in China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam


And so it begins.

According to a statement issued by local authorities on Tuesday, a total of 19 people tested positive for drug use including 16 foreigners.

That video is a bit of personal experiences mixed in with a lot of broad sweeping bullshit generalizations.
Watch the video with a few pinches if salt.

This video is targeted to people who are not serious about teaching / education but are looking to fund a party lifestyle in Asia.

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Thanks for the heads up. I hate that kind of shit. If partying is your motivation for coming out here, then please stay at home.


Why? Can’t the young be young? As for the host countries: You get what you pay for. How IS the buxiban pay scale these days? ANY different than it was 10 years ago?

I don’t work at a buxiban, so I wouldn’t know.

Let me rephrase that; it shouldn’t be your main motivation. You should come here to teach because you want to teach or you’re interested in the country’s culture. If you want to party responsibly on the weekend, that’s okay. But just don’t embarrass the rest of us.



It would be an odd decision to choose China or Taiwan over SE Asia to teach and party.