Do part time high tech jobs exist in Taiwan?

I’m in Hsinchu, have a lot of semiconductor experience (process, field service), but don’t want to work full time. Doesn’t seem like they do part time jobs in Taiwan? I’d rather not work than do full time. :sweat_smile:

Not aware of any in the big ones at least. You should try small companies or universities. Maybe you can try being a consultant?

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I do not think so. The best you can hope for is a foreign company or a company run by foreigners that let you (partially) work from home.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea, might see if my former employer needs help training local guys or something. But even if they do the head office probably won’t let them hire a contractor.

My company has an opening for an intern in Hsinchu that is listed as “part-time” :wink:

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Thanks - not my field though, I have enough trouble keeping my own router working.