Do people actually have carpet in Taiwan?

None of my friends (poor, average and rich) seem to have it.

Is it very uncommon here?

Humidity. Mold. Etc.
The only carpets you will find are in hotels. Mostly berber.

People use throw rugs instead.


They’re super rare in Taiwan. Given how humid things are here, I can understand that.

I mean Florida and East Texas is humid as hell too but they use carpet everywhere. But they use AC all the time so that keeps humidity down. However given how houses are built there, you need AC to keep the whole house from molding.

But if you kept AC turned off in Taiwan then yea carpets will mold. Mold is bad enough as it is.

I use carpet though. But my bedroom is bare concrete.

Carpets are awful and a bitch to clean. Thank god nobody has carpet. That’s another thing I once accepted as normal that I have renounced. Hard tiled floors look great and the smooth shiny ones are so easy to clean it saves me money.


Wait til winter. You’ll be glad you have carpeting.

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Guy. I’ve lived here for six years coming from a country that has negative temperatures. First Celsius then Fahrenheit.

I stand by my statement. Did ya think I was born yesterday or something?

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In South Africa, most houses are fully carpeted. It costs a fucking fortune to do it, but it’s done, because it’s de rigueur. And people don’t take their shoes off, so they’re traipsing muck and dog shit into the house the whole time.
Yeah, it’s warmer in winter, sure, but weigh up the costs of intstallation and cleaning, compared to a decent heater.
Thick curtains are way more important, in my humble opinion.


I just order carpet sheets and then place them over the bare concrete floor. No installation required. I’m sure proper installation would look much better, but maybe I will do that if I own the place.

Getting the right tools for a proper installation is hard here though.

That’s not carpets, buddy. It’s just a bunch of crap you threw on the floor.


I’ve seen some Japanese style mats or whatever it is, but no carpets. Plenty of rugs. Very rarely seen wood flooring too, I guess due to humidity and expansion.

What? There’s wood flooring everywhere…


Yup. Including my house.

One thing I hate about tile floors is the tile floor + toddler combination = head trauma from falls. Unless of course you throw down wall to wall foam puzzle mats. But those are an eyesore and a pain to clean.

We went with wood because it’s a bit softer when taking a spill and looks better.


Some friends had carpetingbin a nice apartment, and it was fine. Warmed the place up a bit.

I had a Taiwanese friend who was big into the “minimalism lifestyle” and had a completely carpeted bedroom to sit on because she didn’t want chairs. My office at the time was also carpeted. They might have been the only times I experienced proper carpets (rather than rugs) in Taiwan.

Are they really that hard to clean? I thought you could just pry up a few and run a shower head over the offending sections.

After a time the (deliberately, to prevent slipping) rough surface does a good job of collecting ingrained dirt.

We had wood in one room when we lived in hsinchu. Always seemed to me that tile/marble was much more popular here.

Examples please. Imo most taiwanese houses look pretty bad and not cozy.

My home is pretty cozy in the winter. I have tiled floors, but a kick-ass heater that the cats sleep in front of. The living room has a nice sofa and really thick curtains, which keeps the heat out in summer, too. I invested in nice, warm blankets for the bedroom.
I only get cold when I go out, otherwise it’s all toasty.

Authentically retro tiles, yes. Modern ones, not so much. :grandpa: