Do politicians have immunity in criminal matters?

With the recent assault by the KMT it makes me wonder if they have immunity.

The destruction of public property should be more than enough for criminal charges. On tape no less.

But the nails are clearly attempting to hurt people. that is just straight psychopathic behaviour, whats next?

Given the violent intent of the nails, is this going to be prosecuted?

Does the public have any rights in making a case for destroying tax payers property? I am insanely ignorant on these laws, but seems this has pushed too far and most certainly deserves jail time.

All the while the korean fish friends in my circles STILL just go on about DPP and say this is totally fine. Is it the heat causing lack of mental capacity or what?

What are you talking about?
Can you share a news article or something?


I think he’s talkin about the recent KMT parliamentary lockout battle saga.

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Yes, sorry that one. Its in the news everywhere.

They are camera spray painting, asaulting people and the nails in the wall was a real eye opener…

Heres a link, but its in all the news right now.

Whether they have a point or not, some severe lines have been crossed that could be considered violent crime. Not leadership material.

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The main thread regarding the recent incident is here:

I changed the title to make the question more accurate, since in this case it’s the main opposition party that’s implicated, or at least certain members of the party.

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Thanks. Not so much to discuss the event but rather the legal aftermath and what could be done to have them arrested. Thats why put it in legal, in hopes someone smarter than I could chime in.