Do Pomelos Cause MASSIVE Farts? Asking for a friend

I mean seriously long and loud braaaappers.


It’s the sharts “your friend” should be worried about.

That was a concern at first, but nope, just bounce around the concrete walls for five seconds sonic boomers.

It’s really the only new thing I’ve eaten a lot of here and never eat in NY.

Maybe you’re just swallowing too much air between bites.

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Wouldn’t that come out the top?

If I had a valve installed, they would be 14 minutes long.

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I don’t think it cause massive farts, but your regular farts would become much more detectable.

If yer talking PU farts, noop. It’s like vegetarian farts.

WTH is going on! :runaway:

We found the cause for global warming :rofl:

It turns out frapping could be a bigger problem than fracking…

There MUST be an application. I could turn on the Clapper from across the room without using my hands…just squeeze and release, squeeze and release.

Should be very effective for social distancing.

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So you’re saying I should take the MRT when I get out of covid jail?


Just release it and next time don’t eat too much.

I like pomelo. The farts don’t stink. They are just impressing me with their velocity and decibel range. Why would I ruin a hilarious anecdote for when I go home?

No they should not cause farting but like grapefruits they can interact with any medications you might be on.

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Interesting. I’m on methotrexate and I take folic acid every day.

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This is true. I’m not allowed to eat them.

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Asking for a friend eh? :laughing: