Do Pomelos Cause MASSIVE Farts? Asking for a friend

Try bottling it, refined it can make a renewable energy source

Some locals swear by them for release of gas and solid blockage.

How about numb lips? I find pomelo makes my lips go numb as a numb thing.

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I usually go with some dragonfruit or papaya if I’ve got a bit of the blockage going on.

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Uh oh…

I’ve been going unfiltered responses right up until your post. I had one. It was nasty. Funny af…but nasty.

Brace yourself for an aggressive shit once that hits the lower tube. It’ll be the kind that cannot wait.

I don’t know what this means. Rephrase please. :sob:

I think you should ask your doc about this ASAP. :+1: Tell them what happened.

You need one of these. Do your part to halt climate change!

You might need someone to assist with the placement of the tube.


I concur.

VERY awkward experience which it would be TMD to describe further.

And then the toilet light (on a timer) went out. This did not help

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No, I’m pretty sure he’s got that one all sorted.

Too much of a high fiber food can definitely do it to you, but I have not heard of pomelos being the culprit. Keep me away from cherries and apple juice…

What the hell else can you do with pomelos anyway? I usually end up getting a case as a gift. Eat a couple and the rest go bad.

I have various occasions of intense itchiness in the abdomen after eating Pomelo. wonder what might be the cause

why not start lighting your pomelo farts to measure the flame’s distance; that’d top most people’s bizarre activities during quarantine

I’m an adult. :roll_eyes:

I’m trying to see how far across the room I can get during one of the big ones. Four steps is the record so far.


Use duct tape to bind 2 together to make a makeshift football.

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I was thinking maybe a cocktail or a pie but ok.