Do Pomelos Cause MASSIVE Farts? Asking for a friend

I Think so answering
On behalf of a friend of course

I don’t mind the taste of pomelos, but they are labor intensive, like shrimp.

I can practically hear the oscillation…

Ever let out a long silent gasser in a supermarket aisle and sheepishly run to another aisle before someone comes over to that aisle… speaking hypothetically of course

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Better not tell you now

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Intrigue intensifies… :ponder:

My theory, which is mine, is that it makes a big difference whether you eat the segment skins or not.

These are quite thick and easy to peel off. Doing so would be a Mae West-stylee absurdity eating, say an orange, but if you don’t when eating a big pomelo or two, its a massive additional hit of indigestible fibre.

Dude, the segment skin is the best part! :wall:

Was this question SOLVED?

I need to know, for a friend.

In the service industry, they do that to tables of nasty patrons and call it crop dusting.

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Agree, same with me

Well, the dog is cowering in the corner from PTSD, so I’d go with nah.

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Okay, a friend [cough cough] once told me a story about taking this (drop the fizzing pills into a glass a water; whatever you do, do NOT burp) before a party at a college dorm apartment. They didn’t have lemon flavor back in the days. Anyway… after about an hour, waited until everyone was having a good time, drinking, and then just silently meandering around the room laying silent bombs (like B-52 carpet bombing) and then watching the reactions without busting a gut.

What is your dog doing at your friend’s house? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Doing what all dogs do: following their best friend around.

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Ah the old you believe everything I post thing. It was a metaphor for my…er…friend’s condition.

And said friend just finished off another pomelo…mmm…

Your best friend is also your dog’s best friend is supposed to be one of those paradox riddles. Of course it’s not really you (OP), because you wouldn’t be so daft as to start a thread about your own pomelo problems!

But you might want to see a clairvoyant about why your brain is getting messages from your friend’s taste buds. :yum: :brain: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m surprised that coming from your area of the universe you haven’t heard of psychic taste testing :grin:

Of course I have! But when hoomans do it accidentally, it usually means something’s wrong – possibly related to the friend’s digestive problem. :hushed: