Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


Not sure why it’s funny. It’s actually true. I’m one of them.


This is what’s known as the “cognitive dissonance laugh.”


But seriously, can the people that seemed to so outraged and against trump tell me why? Like really pin point which of his policies they can really tell me that it’s bad.


One with out doing any research to make sure that I am absolutely accurate, he puts someone on the Supreme Court who obviously is/could be compromised.
The Supreme Court should only have judges where it is 100% clear that they cannot be extorted. This is in his last pick less than clear.


Fraternising with the enemy who is messing with the elections… Not proven but smells pretty bad :kissing_smiling_eyes:

If you asked a Republican just three years ago it would be the monstrous national debt increase.

Whatever happened to that eh?:astonished:


I you watch ‘Larry the Cable guy’, you can get a really good impression of the ‘average’ American.


But the ladies in the Ontario suburbs love his hair. That`s the Canadian voting bloc for you. Hair is more important than policy.


I’m still waiting for that pissing tape you stand behind. Have you contacted Tom Arnold about your adamant support of this and russia? He needs volunteers.


mick hurry up you are typing very slow


You can’t see why?


Trying to hypnotize you!


@Andrew0409 has already seen the light.
He’s not Jesus. Can’t make all blind people see. Just usually one is done as an example. The rest have to work a bit harder to come to terms with reality.


Good luck with that.


In other words, he has burned his retina.
Don’t worry in many cases those symptoms are temporary and can heal itself.
Others/many are lost I worry.


Thats the story the Democrats are going with.

The Republican side, are claiming the Democrats right from the start in 2015 used contractors who were given access to the NSA database to make thousands of “about” queries on all the Republicans (a big no no).

When that was shut down in early 2016, within a few days Nellie Ohr went to the White House and started working with Fusion GPS to create a dossier about Trump and his Russian connections. Authored by Christopher Steele and including stories from actual Russians. Nearly all of which could not be verified.

Use Five Eyes intelligence to rope in UK and Australia (at least) to set up some useful idiots on the Trump team. Insert an actual spy into the Trump campaign.

Shop the dossier it around the media, go to a FISA court, which requires everything submitted must be verified first. Use the media reports on the dossier you just gave them as supporting evidence of corroboration for the dossier as a reason to get a FISA title I type of surveillance, which gives them access to the entire team.

Lose the election and within 24 hours decide you are going to go with the Russia/Trump collusion plan. Leak everything you can to the complicit media, in an effort to remove a duly elected president. Keep going even after he is a sitting President by creating a task force which is to look into everything Russian related.

It was a long post. But if anyone is interested. Every point I just made is heavily documented. There is really no doubt at this point all of it happened. But if you want to take me to task, I suggest doing it in IP and challenging it point by point. But consider for a moment if everything I am saying is true. Just how bad were things , are things?


It has, I suspect it’s been harder to solve then he originally thought with is fiscal policies and improved economy. He’s pointed out wasteful spending like Obama did, but like Obama, he is probably finding out how much lobbying there are for those wasteful spending. It’s going to hard to navigate the unprecedented amount to debt, that he already was handed. But he still has time but the fed also has to get on board with him.


:point_up_2:. well done.But, unfortunately won’t change a Trump-hater.


“Hey, I hadn’t noticed this thread about expats before, let’s have loo…”




Good thing that you are the first to say it.
Saves me time!


He’s been on the up and up for years in high profile positions and vetted multiple times. I trust that more than uncollaberating accusations about a HS drinking party.