Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


Was going to post that one from IbisWtf, that’s Obama on the left, you can be sure the MSM didn’t go with that image. Trumps crowds on the other hand the MSM zooms in and stays there. They did that a lot with Clinton too. Once it finally clicks just how dishonest the media are, there is no going back. They like to turn up the contrast too so he looks as orange as possible, just has the effect of making his tie come out a weird colour which is why it gets noticed.


What is the date and venue of each of the two images?



Obma’s was about a week ago. Nearly all Trump’s rallies are massive, can look for the one from Texas, which was held I think the same day. If its not from there, the Texas rally will be comparable. It might well have been used, because it was the same day and showed the contrast.


I am sure Trumps rallies are massive, I’m not questioning it at all.

But, can you be more precise what day and from which venues the pictures are? The Obama speech might not(I dont know) have been a rally but a smaller gathering.

As the pictures are now presented(without dates or venue) they could be from anywhere and from whatever dates.


Trump’s rally = last week, Toyota center, Houston


And the other one, with Obama ? Or perhaps you can just send me the original source of your picture so I can check it from there myself.


Looks like it’s the one from the 23rd October, not 100% sure though. Not really intrerested in obomo though, for what I care he could sit next to hillary clinton at costco and sign books. I was only replying to “nowadays Trump rallies don’t have many people”. A pic showing obomo in front of like 30 people was just for extra lulz.


So, okay, but you shouldn’t put unsourced pictures just for lulz if they are misleading or not true. It kinds of hurts your credibility in general.

But, @Mick seemed to know from which events they were for sure. Can you come and elaborate?


I don’t think @IbisWtf is all that worried about his credibility, unless it’s related to typhoon info.


Bro, do you even Google?

23/10/2018 for the Obama pic, and last week’s rally in Houston for Trump.


One week somebody is a ‘bad bad man’.
Next week it’s 'I love this guy '.

Formula for Trump speech.

It’s bad.
It’s bad bad.
He’s bad.
We are good friends.
… But I do know this
Greatest in the History of the World
Never greater
Military !
America great!


I think you may have a promising career ahead of you as a public speaker.


Formula for a Democrat speech
I am 1/1024 native American (and anything to appeal to special interests).


Eh that was one person said that. You need to identify an individual to compare to an individual.

Trump has a unique style alright.


Racist, sexist, misogynist, Nazi, Hitler, KKK, white supremacy, dark rhetoric, children in cages, America was never great, you didn’t build that!!! Resist, resist, resist! Oh, yeah…and uh…free shit for everybody!


Obama: booming economy, lowest unemployment all me. The babies at the border, that was all Trump.


When the real cobwebs are often in their closet. A post from the martyred Forumosan prophet, Chewycorns (martyred on the alter of extreme political correctness----may his name be eternally celebrated and sanctified) :sunglasses::sunglasses::


Does anybody else get the inhale thru nostrils sound in their head at the ‘…But I do know this’ part? :joy:

“I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,” Trump said. “And what he did is an incredible offer. He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people. I think that’s an incredible offer.”



If you don’t succeed as a D politician, you have a guaranteed future as CNN’s editor!