Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re hiring WASPs these days.


Don’t forget the 1/1024 rule! Just claim to have pigmy ancestors and they’ll hire you as token minority pundit.


Yes, Trump is connecting.

With a very simple language and sentence structure, sometimes no structure at all.
Simple slogans and notorious repetitions.

The same thing I’d like to use as a counter measure, but even though I do review my grammar and sentence structure most of the time, the moderators will delete a lot of it.

To the moderators of this forum, please allow me to argue on the same shallow level as your dear Mr. President of the United States of America (U.S.A.).

And Mr. R
Lock him up! Lock him up!


So you are stigmatizing all of his supporters as deplorables? That didn`t work for Hillary. :joy:


Who are you talking/referring to?


You’re just not learning. Trump doesn’t ask nicely for permission.


Here is what the left should do.

Get a lot of youtube accounts.
Have a number of simple slogans to use. Like WTF, FTS, this is weired, etc.
And keep posting under each video into each forum and wherever it fits your purpose.
And don’t forget to give the likes! Like and like when ever it’s likable.

That’s what the extreme right is doing and they can be outnumbered.
Just think of the popular vote and the voter suppression.


Because he’s a complete asshole.


Welcome aboard the Trump train to MAGA


Wrong, he is a hole as in hollow and has a big fat ass!




I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today,” Trump said. “And what he did is an incredible offer. He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people. I think that’s an incredible offer.”


the leftists are too busy building sanctuary cities, one non-binary bathroom at a time


i think you guys are at the last stage of capitulation to acceptance of the 2016 election as you’re just left with name-calling, too funny


You can’t until the original Zoomers die out, but that will take decades if they pay attention to all those healthy living tips and stuff from Moses… :older_man: :older_woman: :rainbow:

As for your last chart – Millennials from '77? What will they think of next?.. :ponder:

I’ll say it again: when was he ever an employee in his life? Board members are sometimes technically employees, but generally not. The closest he ever came was probably his acting career, but even that’s dubious.

How about a :cow:?

You’re not a HHGTTG fan, are you?

I think if you’re going to work with teenagers, it’s probably better to teach them snowboarding and drama than to organize a beauty pageant so that you can sneak into their dressing room unannounced, but hey, what do I know? :idunno:

I can’t do a Trump-Wrong meme for that because it’s technically true (under the current constitution). But you know he admires Vlad, and you know how Vlad deals with his own term limits. :whistle:

Now that one gets a meme! :stuck_out_tongue:

(If you mean “qualified” in the sense of “highly knowledgeable about relevant jurisprudence and beyond reproach”, then yes, the pool is a bit smaller, but that also means excluding Brett – like Caesar’s wife.)

Mind your own business, earthy! :no_no:

Are we talking about good or popular/successful? There are, like, sooo many analogies… :slight_smile:

Fortunately, no-one’s asking me, so I’ll exit this overgrown thread now. Bye y’all! :wave:


If you’re successful, popular, etc. that would make you good. Is the goal of public speaking trying to sound eloquent and possible? Or is it to gain the attention and persuade them and keep their their attention?

I don’t believe you actually believe this Would happen. Americans are pretty strongly unified against anything like this. He probably would lose the next election if he so much as hint at doing something like extending his term limits.


What the fuck are you talking about? If you’re successful that makes you good?

Do you mean good at what you do? I could give you that one. Trump is good at speaking to ignorant people and feeding them the sort of hate-based speech they love to hear. Like a lot of demagogues he’s good at appealing to the basest of human instincts, the instinct to scapegoat others.


If your goal is to succeed, yes. He won the presidency didn’t he?

Tell me what makes a speaker good then?

Calling about half of the American population ignorant on your high horse is exactly the reason why he won. He speaks to the large population of Americans most presidential candidates ignores and bet on them.

He won democratically didn’t he? What are you saying? Some people who you view as ignorant shouldn’t vote and have a political say?


sounds like @the_bear wants the US electoral system to go back to something like the times of just male landowners, but this time just non-binaries and snowflakes snd maybe a few intellectuals to mix it up


I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything substantial that would disqualify him as at least an decent president.

So far,

He nominated a judge that may be guilty of something bad in decades of public service and in high school. The logic behind it is because he hasn’t been caught, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen lol

Poor speaker

May be butt buddies with Putin, but we don’t know.

The only one I would agree with is national debt. But two years in, even if he made big changes day one, it takes time to began to slow the process and reverse it.

What I see

Tackling an immigration problem that’s unsustainable and needed to be addressed. Do I agree with everything like building a wall, no.

Economy is booming, unemployment low. Maybe not as exaggerated as trump would have you believe, but it’s true.

Actually being tough on China after saying it. Trying to balance the trade deficit, a strong move for someone at their first term knowing its a long game and the positives may not even began to surface after he’s gone from office while the negatives will show short term.

US/ Taiwan relations are great! It was basically nonexistent during Obama years.

He didn’t have my vote the first term but as of now, I’d vote for him.

He may not be the best with words. But his actions so far has impressed me far more than I thought. I thought he was a bumbling idiot before, I changed my mind and gave him a chance. Some of you are acting like the world has fallen apart or something with him.