Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


So far, as far as I can see he is operating within the law, with proper checks and balance.

Unlike Obama who allowed outside contractors to illegally access the NSA database for purposes of opposition research. Get caught and then decide to seek a Title I FISA warrant which would allow for them to retroactively legalize the illegal spying.

You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. But none of that seems to be an issue that concerns you, so never mind.


It doesn’t concern me directly. But it does indirectly. I don’t need to share why. :).


I mean I agree, but it’s not like the opposition isn’t throwing things at him and adding fuel to the flame on things to make him look bad. He’s handled it pretty well imo. For a guy that’s constantly called, racist, fascists, sexist, Nazi, white supremacist.


What’s the positive stuff that he’s doing?

You said you can’t see why he is not a decent president

But what’s the actual positives that he’s promoting ?

He is also for coal and destroyed many environmental iniatives…His policies will damage the global environment .


Gee, I wonder what he could have done to get called those names. :thinking:

Even if he’s none of those things he’s a fucking clown who has no idea how to do his job.


He’s a compulsive liar and cheater and according to his own biographer screwed a lot of contractors. He’s Not ‘decent’.


I mentioned some already.


I believe being a decent president and a indecent human being is not mutually exclusive. Never praised him for being mother Teresa


Yet the US is doing extremely well. Economy especially.

The only segment of the US that’s doing poorly are Democrats, who are frankly butthurt over losing the election. I guess there are some Europeans and Commonwealthers who are butthurt as well, and I chalk that up to sharing the same air of superiority with American Democrats.


In what way is he a Nazi? A white supremacist? Racist? Sexist?

Please tell me?

There’s many articles that compare him to Hitler and say he’s even worst lol. It’s a really strong accusation to throw at someone.


You might be surprised. I was listening to this Ted Talk the other day. The key part of his claims is he says he has got the Republican party on board and already had talks with the Administration. The reason I think there might be a chance it might fly, is he puts it forward in a way which it can make sense economically (to the people).


Win the election.


Much of the rest of the world and places like California are not ‘deadlocked’ on climate. They are moving forward but we need the US to be on board because it is a major source of CO2 emissions.


To be fair to his detractors, they have every right to call him every name in the book.

I would just like to see some intellectual honesty. “We want to change the 2nd amendment” five seconds later “he’s shredding the constitution”. “I believe in free speech” “Milo is a dick, who cares” “Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist” “Twitter is a private company they can do what they like go make your own platform” actually they did that with Gab, last I checked they removed that from the internet, so not sure what the comeback for that is, probably “they were hosting terrorist thoughts” or something, like Twitter and Facebook don’t. Oh, but they are really for free speech.

I wonder if the MSM got around to reporting on Hillarys “they all look alike” comment, might have a look, but I doubt it.


Regulatory reform: removing two regulations for every one implemented.

Lowering taxes

Supreme Court appointments



Agreed. The question though is how to do that. Or more importantly what is the right implementation.

The video I linked personally I think is good, it keeps the money aspect within the control of each country and citizens will benefit and it could be implemented globally.

The way it was set up before, was countries pay into some giant fund where some un-elected officials get to carve up who gets what. A recipe for corruption. Which for Trump coming in after Obama, who had set up agencies to be his slush fund to dish out to his favorite causes(see below) might be skeptical the money is used to combat Climate change.

The irony of that agency, by the way was it was the brain child of Elizabeth Warren and was setup with no Congressional oversight. Deliberately of course, because they planned shady shit. Just like Sally Yates told the Inspector General that Bruce Ohr’s division of DOJ was off limits, just as he is about to pull some shady shit and they have you guys screaming about Orange man Bad. These politicians (and I mean this of all of them with very few exceptions, both left and right) are absolute weasels.


And that’s solely Trump’s doing? The economy didn’t do well before 2016?


It was in response to a comment that implied Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing.

he’s a fucking clown who has no idea how to do his job.

We’ve already agreed in this thread that no national leader that merits 100% of the praise nor 100% of the blame for events current in any nation. No idea why you would conclude that I think this is all down to Trump.

Now, did Trump contribute mightily to the current state of the US economy? Yes. No question. Not even debatable.

Massive deregulation, most of it accomplished by executive decision and a slight overhaul of the US tax code (legislation signed but not written by Trump) has resulted in increased growth in US GDP, and that growth is larger than the rate of growth in 2016.


Anyone can ‘juice’ the economy with tax cuts. It has to be carefully done though as there can be all sorts of consequences (and there’s definitely been some benefits observed…The place I work for claims it was a factor in their msot recent investment in the US, a lot of companies have been holding cash overseas…Although a tax amnesty would have been a fiscally more conservative decision).

Republicans stopped the business of govt multiple times over the last few years when 'govt spending was out of control '. Why are they now doing a 180 degree on huge deficit increase? Politicians…

Cos tax cuts for rich people ?
Or it doesn’t matter when they are in office themselves ?


So, he is after the babies now!
He should start putting huge steel concrete walls into vaginas.