Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


His own breeding program didn’t go too well!


Ahem…If I may hark back to the thread title. Something akin to a fart in the dark.

The OP did not quite name which characteristics they deemed to be (or not) representative of the furriner community. Perhaps they were pointing to the diversity of viewpoints. That diversity is to be lauded, especially the resilience in the face of silencing and echo chambers. At times it appears that some rationalise while others inform. That is also good, it keeps reminds us we are human. At other times others regress and digress: we are here for fun and info: two birds and one stone kinda thing. Sometimes Knowledge walks, accompanied by little Insight. Its good to maintain a sense of wonder. As long as there is a balance, I think that’s pretty cool.

Is there balance? Dunno. Does this reflect the expat population? I dunno. We could put it to a vote. Any social scientists out there up to the challenge?


Sorry, I forgot to wish you a happy Halloween! :ghost:


Lol, I think she might get some votes for her looks? But who knows, if trump can win…it seems he opened the door for people we wouldn’t consider before.

My favorite celebrity candidate is the rock! I believe he will strike fear into all of America’s enemies.


Little known fact, not that good. When he was a newspaper writer, he wrote in the style of the Hungarian-Austrian writers that had influenced him and, I think, for whom he initially worked. It would be like if a writer for a Taiwan newspaper developed his writing skills working with English as a second language writers. We know who.


He’s such a sweetheart though. I feel like he’s waaaaay too soft imo.


This site is basically the official website of the Republican headquarters - Taiwanese branch. It stinks of far-right politics and it’s gotten worse since Trump was elected. There’s a reason why there’s barely any female user. It’s an extremely hostile environment.


This is an idiotic argument. There are millions upon millions of female Trump supporters.


So you admit that this site stinks of far-right politics then?


Nope. Smells clean and fresh to me.



Was only a matter of time…


This says far, far more about you and your political leanings than about those you condemn yet dare not mention by name.

… and why do I feel like I have to ask if everything libs say these days, like sincerely, comes from The Onion?!


Who says I dare not mention their names? They are just too numerous to name.


I think it’s likely that you mistake proponents of “far right” politics here (at for honest, clear-thinking Americans who see leftists for the hypocritical, entitled, self-righteous, patronizing American authoritarians they so clearly are in 2018, wannabe dictators who mistake the support they enjoy in the most respected US media websites for vaulted positions on the moral high ground that they’ve earned somehow, rather than the weak singles mistaken for triples they clearly are.

It doesn’t make you unique.


This insult I can understand the meaning of, but…

…this one, I honestly don’t know what you mean.


You should try listening to yourself. You’re up with any of with any of those outlets for outlandish rhetoric.


I freely admit that my rhetoric applies to American leftists only. It’s conceivable that leftists outside the US deserve more respect, not sure because frankly I doubt it and I lack the curiosity to enquire.

But I stand behind my opinions about American leftists 100%, at least now in 2018.


I think you are aware that things are polarized and emotions run high. Fox to the right, CNN to the Left…stuck in the middle …wait?
both sides of this can state their opinions ( within the rules) . It is bound to create division/satire/etc…just like everywhere else on the planet. I just see more craziness. Here is an example of a politician trying to encourage people to vote for her . This is a Liberal Paper btw. TG…what on earth do you think?


I still don’t understand mistaken for triples. :confused: :confused: :confused: No sarcasm here.


It’s a baseball reference! A weak single is not so good. A triple is good