Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


Ah, well, now you know which sport is not so popular on my planet of origin. :bowing:

(I had assumed “weak singles” was continuing the “adults who haven’t procreated shouldn’t be taken seriously” concept from an earlier discussion.)


What do you guys play out there anyway? Squirgle?


My mistake. I have mangled the American, baseball-related metaphor “being on third base and mistaking it for hitting a triple.”

I meant that US Democrats think that - by virtue of NYT, CNN, MSNBC, etc., having become nothing more than Democrat shills for Democrat political positions - Democrat Congressional candidates have the moral high ground in 2018.

My sincere apologies. I should know better … but I still think US Democrats are as I’ve described them above: hypocritical, entitled, self-righteous, patronizing, and authoritarian. To begin with.






I agree that the forumosans tend to be trumpers but do you think my topic on their being only two genders is far-right as well? Not everyone on the left has be PC. I was/am pro Bernie.


What do you expect from immigrants, which rights are ignored/repressed in their new homeland Republic of China?

What is your political color anyway ? Feminism mix with Taiwanese nationalism ? Nice combination. I doubt many of your comrades appreciate values of feminism. In most traditional/national Taiwanese families women come last


I don’t have time for you.


This is the biggest load of horseshit I’ve ever read on this site.


Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?

Did you guys reach a conclusion? If so, what is the conclusion?


Yes and no. Nailed it!


You’re just triggered. It happens.

As far as I know there are no “far right” posters on forumosa. Those characterized as “far right” by Gain are not “far right.”

What’s more, there has been plenty of evidence provided that American leftists are hypocritical (Democrats are racist), entitled (Pocahontas), self-righteous (Trump and his supporters are fascists), patronizing (ok, that evidence has been mostly supplied by leftists here), and authoritarian (de-platforming e.g., Gab; if Americans don’t speak up against Trump then they must be racists; etc.).

If anything what I wrote is uncontroversial.


never once have I found inklings of the “Salem Witch Trials” mentality that you believe so fervently exist in the hearts, minds, and writings of those whom you consider to have different opinions from yourself on this forum. Please get off your high horse, before it might buck you.


Couldn’t agree more