Do second hand clothing stores exist?

I need clothing but I can’t stomach the quality of clothing here. Walmart in the US has better stuff for lower prices. Do second hand clothing stores exist here so I can hopefully find something decent?

What makes you think the quality would be better?

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Yes and no. They exist, but you’re not likely to find stuff that meets your needs. The overall quality is shit. Once in a while you can find something but don’t hold your breath.

In the US and other countries you can go to second hand clothes stores and find amazing things for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, Taiwan is not one of those countries.

I mean, that’s because there’s quality clothing to begin with, I guess. If you can’t find quality clothing for sale here first-hand, I don’t see how you’d be able to second-hand. Unless the poor quality of clothing here is somehow a new phenomenon, which seems unlikely.


So where can I find Levi jeans for less than 120 us here because they are not worth that much

Actually, there is one place that might have them. Around Zhongxiao Dunhua there is a store that sells cloths from the US and possibly other foreign countries. Most of the clothes are bigger in size and they might have jeans there. Not sure if they have Levis though. For that you may want to try some of the vintage shops. They may or may not be more expensive though.

There are a couple of stores like this throughout the city.

For new products—including Levi’s—that can be shipped quickly, have a look at East Dane’s website. They are part of amazon, so take this for what it is.


I once found a pair of Armani Jeans on my street for around 2000 ntd . Upon paying , they told me they were slightly imperfect . Could never find any fault . Shop closed , sadly . Maybe search , in mandarin, for seconds or imperfect ?

Not really. The few that do exist have a pretty limited selection. I always miss going thrifting when I come here.

You’re pretty much just going to have to shell it out, order online, or wait until your next trip back to the states. You could also try eBay, but I think a lot of the sellers who sell the things you want probably won’t be willing to ship overseas, and you’ll end up paying a bundle either way.

Just hit Goodwill and load up next time you go home.

I don’t think I’m going to goodwills anytime soon. And 2000 is a lot for a pair of jeans too but the night market stuff is shockingly bad. I see Costco sells some no name jeans that appears to be on par with Levi’s, have anyone tried them? They are only 500

My wife expressed the concern that a second-hand suit I have (bought from a shop which buys stuff from cancer patients) might attract ghosts. I tried to reason with her–pointing out that if I died of cancer, I would harbor no ill feelings towards the people who bought my suits–but to no avail.

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Also what happens to all the clothing that ends up in the donation bin? Does anyone sell them for charity like goodwill does?

Night market is notorious for cheapo clothing. All newcomers learn to avoid that.

Honestly, Uniqlo jeans aren’t bad at all if you’re on a budget. They’ll at least tide you over until you can get the jeans you want.

Don’t buy Levi’s or American brands. They are expensive for no reason. You can buy better looking jeans for 1200-1500 at most malls in the young people trends floor. Lots of local, Korean, Japanese brands.

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Looks aren’t important but it must be comfortable. None of the night market stuff is comfortable and feels like sackcloth.

What you need to do is go to a 外銷成衣 store. They sell overstock from companies that make clothes for the American market, so they’re made to American standards and sizes, and are very reasonably priced. There are a good number of these places around Taipei and New Taipei City. Just do a google search for 外銷成衣.


Right! I now remember seeing this kind of store on the east side of Dunhua, just north of Zhongxiao, in Taipei. That’s the ticket!


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Is it because you are plus-size?