Do Taiwan dentists oversize the two front teeth?


Is it common that a dentist will make teeth larger than appropriate?

I notice a lot of people in Taiwan mainly girls have the two front teeth that are oversized. And the rest of the teeth don’t match.

I have two female friends whose two front teeth frequently break or crack or chip so they are always repairing them and always try to make them larger.

Dentists usually try to make all the teeth line up and match in size but Taiwan it seems okay to make the two front teeth extra large.


Are you sure you are hanging out with the correct species?



I have noticed the crowns they use are like that.
I’m planning on having a crown replaced next to the two front teeth and I will ask the dentist if he can provide a flat looking crown beforehand.


And what’s with the tiger teeth? Is it a genetic thing, or are they normally reset at a young age on other countries?