Do Taiwan visa offices overseas shut for Chinese New Year?

Dear All,

Just hearing a few things on the grapevine about the validity of CLI visa applications, is it true that they will soon close down?? Has anyone just come back from a visa run in Hong Kong at all?? Any hassles about tickets etc…???

Did search but this is a “just happened” kinda thing so looking for some fresh input.

Cheers all.

p.s Do the Taiwan visa offices overseas shut down during Chinese New Year??

are you on a visitors visa? I enrolled in Mandarin classes and I can renew my visa for 30 days 6 times by simply going to the local police station…or maybe you have already extended yours 180 days…

Dunno about the TECOs but I couldn’t get a visa for the PRC because of CNY a few years back. They took a full week off.

The Kuala Lumpur TECO does shutdown for sure during CNY.

Embassies and consulates have holidays to kill for. They take both sets of public holidays. For example, the defacto consulate in Naha, Okinawa, closes its doors for both Japanese holidays and Taiwanese holidays. This kind of double-dipping is standard practice around the world. When you decide to do a visa run it’s important to check public holidays for both Taiwan and the country you are flying to. I was burned once in Naha; handed my paperwork in on Thursday and Friday was a Japanese public holiday. I had to wait until Monday to pick up my visa. :imp:

The Hong Kong Visa office will reopen from their holiday on Thursday, Jan 29th. This is the word directly from them as of two days ago.

Bangkok’s office did not shut down for 10/10 last year, but not sure about CNY