Do Taiwanese dig facial hair?

Do Taiwanese dig facial hair or do they prefer clean shaved men ?

I’ve been sporting a goatee lately and my students tell me that it’s ugly and dirty.

Kids don’t lie.


I have facial hair and going bald and the girls still love me. But I look like Jason Statham

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Don’t worry, you’ll still get laid.


On the other hand,if you had a few moles,with an inch long strand of hair sprouting from them…that would be “lucky”. :popcorn:


I don’t think there is too much difference between Taiwanese and western women on this one. Some like it, some don’t. My girlfriend likes it, but no too long.

Time or length? My girlfriend doesn’t like it at all :no-no:

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1-3 weeks’ worth of growth. I don’t have anything to trim it though so I just shave it off when it gets scruffy. My girlfriend really likes it, even asking me to have a beard for CNY so that she could show me off to her sisters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t say for sure whether or not Taiwanese ‘dig’ facial hair, but I can say that I get cut off in traffic far less since having a shaggy full beard. Fear of beard perhaps? Either that or I look a bit like an unstable homeless man.

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For some reason, the guy in my avatar is very popular.

Is that Jeremy Beadle?

No, he’s much cooler than JB. His name is Zhang Fei.

If JB wasn’t dead,I would have to check his hands to be sure…is the man aware that he does look like this? :wink:

Zhang Fei is the man. Jeremy Beadle is an idiot. There can be no comparison except they both sport facial hair.

Was. JB passed away in 2008.

Sorry to hear that , lets just say they weren’t in the same coolness category. Mr Blobby didn’t do it for me.
Edit- that was Noel Edmonds…they are all the same to me.

My experience, people give you no end of trouble for having facial hair. I even had my old work try to fire my by reducing my hours over this because a parent complained that I “looked scary” even though I was originally hired at that company with a beard.

For women, they always used to say in public that they hate it, but in private they love it.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few years now and it’s the same thing. She will complain about the beard but likes to pet and stroke it all the time and cried when I shaved it off once. Her family always complain about my beard which is super annoying.

I don’t know how/why it got like this. Used to be that beards were a symbol of wisdom in Chinese culture

You revived a nine-year old post!

No one in Taiwan comments on my beard. But then I’m over six foot tall and weigh about 250 pounds, with big shoulders and a thick neck. And scars on my knuckles. And a bad attitude, and a mean look on my face.

And for some reason nobody comments on my facial hair!


Guess I better keep hitting the gym. I’m only 60kg :cry:

I think most Taiwan do not like it or used to it, except maybe some envy if you have lots hair on top (Why do you have so much, what do I eat, ect…). I have hair everywhere, get comments on this. (Everywhere, on top or down under). I mostly shave everyday otherwise people notice and kids touch my face quite a lot on the sandpaper on my face. Like your GF, I also find my female friends in private will pet/touch my hair a lot, in public complain too much.