Do Taiwanese girls all have secret boyfriends?

I’ve asked like 3 girls out and they’ve all had boyfriends they’re not telling anyone about
also how to get a a gf? asking for a friend

Yes. All Taiwanese girls have secret boyfriends. Please check the solution box in my post.


Just out of curiosity, where are you meeting them? If it’s on Tender, it’s safe to say that they’re not a typical cross-section of the female population. There are plenty of women here in their 20s and 30s who have never had a boyfriend.


True, most girls on Tinder here are exclusively looking for foreigners, and those girls are no good!

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Well, I guess that depends on your definition of “no good.” If Tinder wasn’t serving a valuable function, it probably wouldn’t be the success that it is.

Idk if that’s true. I worked for tinder to launch for Taiwan. And locals use it more and more now.

When I say no good, I mean for long term relationships (of course there are exceptions).

If you are looking for some no strings attached fun, they could be great, who knows?

I met my wife on Tinder and now we have a kid together. Our marriage is pretty strong except when I forget to do the dishes. :man_shrugging:


Congratulations on your success.

Would you agree most girls on Tinder here are not wifey material, and yours is an exception?

I have no idea. I met her in the states, although she is Taiwanese. So I can’t say either way. But I generally don’t think it’s good to lump people into groups like that (“oh, she uses Tinder so she must be a skank,” etc).

I get that, but I would say that Tinder here, and Tinder abroad is very different.

I can’t speak for today, but when Tinder was first popular here, it was almost exclusively used by those kinds of girls. I know that because every Taiwanese guy I spoke to knew that there was no point signing up and when I tried to use it, you would get flooded with girls who spoke perfect English and all their pictures were with foreigners at bars!

Are you sure she doesn’t have a secret boyfriend? :sunglasses:


lol, what even is this thread?

Yes…every Taiwanese female on this island has multiple boyfriends.

These kinds of questions are so annoying.

No, dude. They don’t all have secret boyfriends. And in your case, they arent that secret are they? It would appear that you hooked up with some girls who like to play around. That doesnt mean every Taiwanese girl plays.

News flash, girls and guys around the world in every country do this. Its not unique to Taiwan.

Dont like it? Find a better pool to pick from.


That’d be nice. Then I’d have more free time!


To hang out with your secret girlfriend?


Don’t assume their gender!


Good point. Sorry, my bad.

All jokes aside, even if I wanted a secret boo (which I don’t in case my wife stumbles on this account) I wouldn’t have the energy. I don’t know how people with double lives do it. It seems exhausting.

You cannot get a check on the solution box. Your post didn’t give an answer to the other question.