Do Taiwanese girls need to be married before 30?

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The key word on the question is “need”


in china this is a thing. girl needs to be married before late twenties or she instantly becomes washed up damaged goods. guy needs a house and a car or he is not eligible, men far outweigh women.

taiwan is a bit more ahead.

Most women get married after 30 in Taiwan now. Many Westerners (esp. Americans) get married way earlier than Taiwanese ppl do. I know several Americans married and with child(ren) in their early 20s, which I find absolutely ridiculous. All attended college. It’s like they don’t know C is for condoms and don’t mind raising a kid while lying on a mountain of student loan debt.

None of my Taiwanese (Facebook) friends is married and people are only starting to attend weddings of friends (who tend to be a bit older).

Is 29 still a bad age these days? I wound up getting married in like a week because of that


I always say, seek opportunity where others aren’t looking. For business, for other things too to attain maximum benefit.

Let those assholes call them ‘leftover’. For me, I see perfectly good people who have weeded out the assholes in their lives.


Maybe the key word is “pushed”.

Taiwan girls are encouraged by family to marry the right guy and to do it before 30.


I think it’s pushed on once they get close to 30. And older folks will nag once they get past 30. My cousin is 27 and her parents keep wondering.

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More and more women are getting married 32-33, having a baby at 35. It’s pretty normal now.

My mom did it first back in the day. She really dragged her feet.

A previous girlfriend was pushed by her family to marry the right guy. So the families got together and decided it was the right thing. They moved in together for a year.

They did not make love once and she developed depression wondering why this man didn’t want to have sex with her. Turned out after they broke up that he was gay.

Arranged marriages aren’t necessarily the best.

Yea I helped her recover a positive self image.

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That’s a very broad generalization. I think you just dislike Americans.

The average woman’s age of marriage in the US and Taiwan is 28 and 30 respectively. Facts > your FB friends.

The general trend in developed countries is people getting married later and having fewer children.


Does anyone need to get married at all?


I think you get away from the city in most cultures and people get married earlier. I’ve known people in small town Taiwan to get married when both are way below 20.

Similar in USA or anywhere.


I agree - education and career growth also play a large role in it as well.

Just from personal experience, the more potential for success you have (or are successful), the later you have kids simply because time is a finite resource and if you’re pumping a lot of time into a lucrative career (strike while the iron is hot) the less of that resource you have for kids. Maybe not true for everyone, but just something I noticed in my limited sample size.

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I do think that after age 26 or so some girls start feeling a lot of pressure to be on their way to getting married. Like at least dating someone seriously, with the intent to get married eventually.

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Nope. I don’t think men should get married. It’s not a good contract for men imo. A divorce can ruin your life for the rest of your life. Laws and courts favor women.

I have been on the brink a few times and believe me I know. It’s a double whammy of emotional and financial ruin. Fortunately my wife and I worked our stuff out.

Im by and large a basket case and amazingly my wife and I have made it 13 years. The crazy thing is I have friends who did everything right, planned, followed the script and still ended up divorced. If I was gonna pick one marriage to endure 13 years mine was the last one. Its really a crapshoot.

One idea I’ve had is have marriages like sports contracts. Why not? Sign a 5 year deal, 7 year deal with opt out or incentive clauses. People change over time even with good intentions how can anyone be sure how they will feel about things permanently?


totally true. all my old friends from the small village i grew up in have had multiple kids, some even multiple wives. quite a contrast to my friends from university.

i feel kind of weird about it. like my village friends responsible adult lives started wayy before mine.

Asian girls feel they will shrivel and dry up like prunes if they dont get married by 30 and or they are somehow flawed, They reach their Sell By date, thats how i got all my wives :slight_smile:

absolutely, the marriage should be valid for five years and renewable :slight_smile:
and apparently these days everyone needs to get their first marriage out of the way so they can marry again when they grow up.

a lot of guys have discovered we chat and the gold mine of oh so many desparate girls that they dont need to marry anymore. too many girls too little time syndrome.

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