Do Taiwanese girls need to be married before 30?

My local friend said that many parents are still pretty traditional and think that marriage means kids. They can’t fathom why someone would get married and then not want kids.
I said so they can bang?

Not in this culture you don’t. Get married and pop out babies. His mom told his girlfriend that and she broke up with him. Smart girl

These kind of stories aren’t that unusual, something I’ve never been able to understand really .

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Sad, I know a few examples in my kids class. No respect for these kind of ‘parents’.

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Yeah and Lions have stripes.

I’d be ok with a crazy car lady

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Wait…don’t tell me you and @mad_masala are chasing the same thing?


Everywhere in the world the good ones will go off the market fast. What do you even know…

Yeah, I bet you’re really hot on this hypothetical meat market :roll_eyes:

This may shock you, but women aren’t purchasable items. Some have agency and … prepare yourself… choose not to get married until they’re in their 30s. I know, shocking, right?


Many women delude themselves as to when to have kids. My sister lives in US in an affluent neighborhood of career women … the number of Downs Syndrome kids is jaw-dropping. All the women postpone children until they make tenure, partner, finish their 5th post-doc, etc. men also wait too long. I know a Korean guy who was boring, short, fat and ugly but he was a physician and snagged a young white Betty brosmer look-alike. He told her to wait for kids until he made tenure at NYU medical school. 10 years later her fertility and looks were gone and she divorced him. By that time, he still hadn’t made tenure

Well there’s a trend for freezing the eggs now, that’s a definite option .

They need to be careful about the age of the sperm. Older men are more likely to produce a Down syndrome child than older women. Usually the two are combined for cultural reasons, which obviously increases the chances much more. Ageing sperm is an issue that until recently has been ignored somewhat and wealthy career minded people should consider freezing it.


You can test for the chromosomal abnormalities anyway so it’s not too bad. But what you are saying is correct.

This is news to me. At what age does it typically…turn, so to speak?

I never knew this. Going to look into freezing some.

This thread became more worthy than I expected. At least two young forumosans got news.

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I’m no expert, but like most things it’s downhill from 40 onwards.

Hot damn!


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Oh good. So I still have time to change my mind.

Part of me don’t want to be too old to have kids. I want to throw the baseball and maybe dunk on my kids a few times to let them know who’s boss :joy: But it’s also a different life when you have kids. They become your priority. I still feel like I want to enjoy things for myself right now.

I’m 49 with an 8 year old. It’s lovely, but I wish I’d done it a decade or more earlier. About to go swimming with her and her friends when I’d really rather be putting my feet up.

My dad became a father around the same age you did. And that was back when it wasn’t so common. He had about ten years on all my friends’ parents and all my classmates thought he was my grandpa because he went gray pretty early.

I never noticed my parents being older when I was young, of course. It’s not something little kids notice. But it’s hard for me now, watching my folks get old when I’m still in my twenties. I envy my peers who will probably get to have more time with their parents than I will.