Do Taiwanese people follow Western star signs?

Are horoscopes popular here among Taiwan women and teens? Do they believe the stuff, or do they follow more the year they were born in the Chinese zodiacal nonsense?

Which nonsense is more nonsensical?

I just finished teaching the star signs for my summer classes. The kids loved it. They were grade 5 and 6 students. They were really into in. Actually the 50 odd year old Taiwanese homeroom teacher was into more than anyone too.

Do they really believe the stars influence their lives? Or do they just like it because it is Western and fun and entertaining? Are they just gullible, Amos, or do they take is with a grain of MSG?

Formosa, I asked the kids to read down the list of horoscopes, and tell me which one reflects most closely on what happened to you today, ironically about 85% of the class chose their own sign. They fully understood the question too. So the next day, I did the same experiment, but cut the star sign words of each summary. I again asked them, chose which one you think best summerises what has happended to you today. Without knowing which summary was for which sign, only 5% of the class chose their sign. I think it’s a crock of shit, but a lot of the kids were so into it. I even had parents ringing the school to thank me for teaching this topic. So that tells you enough about their beliefs.

Horoscopes, astrology, etc is just for people who do not want to take responsibility for their own lives. That might account for its higher degree popularity in societies where individual freedom and responsibility is not promoted… that includes Taiwan.