Do Taiwanese Teachers make more $$$ in buxibans or public schools

At the elementary school level? Does anyone know? I assume the qualifications to work in a buxiban are probably less strict

:joy:. Depends who you ask. I know Taiwanese that were making NT400/hr tutoring English in college. I also know Taiwanese that are making NT200/hr in cram schools + not being paid for the enormous overtime they are required to work. (People who went to NTU and NTNU but didn’t want to/failed the “entrance exams” for being a public school teacher in the place they wanted to live)

Remember that public school teachers here get a pension and New Years bonuses. Anyone who thinks they’re not making much money can ask themselves how most Taiwanese public schools teachers own multiple properties. No, its not all mommy and daddy’s wealth.

Teaching at buxibans can be very lucrative. It depends on what one teaches, and how good/famous one is. The very famous teachers make tens of millions per year. I know one famous math teacher that made 1 million USD per year, and that was more than 20 years ago…

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Those are really low pays. Current students at NTU should be able to demand at least $1K/hour tutoring high school students. Here are the going rates for tutoring: 2022家教費用,讓您快速了解最新各年級家教行情價- PRO360達人網


That 15k nt per hour if he work 40 hours a week.

He was making 50K to 100K per class…

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That’s crazy, how many kids in the class ?

I’m talking about Taiwanese elementary school teachers vs Taiwanese buxiban elementary school teachers specifically.

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Elementary school if on a permanent contract could be anything from 40 to 80k month, but the pension and benefits are very good. Buxiban teacher couldn’t match long term.


I was actually just talking about this to my Taiwanese coworkers in my office, I work in a public elementary school. They earn about 40k-50k a month, not sure what kind of bonus they get for CNY or anything. These were two subject teachers and one subject/director. I have no clue what a homeroom teacher earns. The director really wants to go to America to teach since the pay is a lot higher there.

One thing to note is that a public school teacher is hard to fire. Once they get hired they can pretty much stay there until they retire. If they start doing a bad job, then the principal will tell them they should transfer to another school and they can pretty much do this every 2ish years. If they don’t transfer then the school might start the paperwork for getting them fired. If they get fired they have to take the teachers test again before they can get assigned a school.

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US schools aren’t known for paying well, and cost of living is typically higher. Not to mention other problems like school shootings…

Lack of accountability is generally a part of teaching in government schools. The UK has increased audit culture and this has resulted in high turnover and a chronic teacher shortage. Canada has seen, as a result of the pandemic and online learning, a lot of teachers returing early and part of that is the accountability they suddenly face when forced into online teaching

For cash in hand, a talented hard working teacher will usually do better in private schools. For maximum gain with minimum effort over a career, public school is the way to go



Building success in the Buxiban is much harder and you will need to be lucky to find the right school. Over the course of 5 years you could work hard and train yourself to become an excellent teacher making over $100,000 a month (edited). Teaching becomes easier as you gain experience.

Public school teaching takes minimal effort but the hours are long. I couldn’t figure out a way to accommodate the massive disparity in English levels among the students in one class. I think it would be very hard to do a productive job in public schools so you can either coast by or burn out.

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Are you talking USD? I’ve never heard of anyone making that much working for a buxiban in Taiwan. Maybe if they are the owner and they hire others to teach?

Sorry $100, 000 a month :joy:

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150-400. These were usually exam prep cram schools (So not the elementary school level jobs that the OP was interested in). You can find some near Taipei Main Station.

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So 1.2 million USD a year, not bad, not bad.


What they probably mean is go to America to teach Chinese ? Taiwanese WITH teaching degrees can do this. Ask them next time what they mean.

Yea, he would like to teach Chinese there. I also mentioned to him since a lot of states have a teacher shortage that he could probably get a job teaching any subject pretty easily.

Has anyone told him some of the reasons why there is a teacher shortage?