Do the Tamkang Mandarin classes take place in Tamshui?

I’m a bit confused by the Tamkang website ( Does anyone know where the actual classes take place, somewhere in Damshui or is it near Chiangkaishek Memorial Hall? They list two campuses on the website (one for CCE/DCE, and one for TKU). The TKU campus is a lot closer to me. I’ve tried searching on the forum but I’ve had no luck.

I am going to be in Taipei, Hongshulin from end of September, and I was very interested in trying to get into a Mandarin class near to Damshui or maybe Shilin.

i believe their language program is at the taipei location, not sure though.


台北市金華街199巷5號 (jin hua St.)

I was a student of Tamkang Uni.
And if I am not wrong ,I think it is at the Taipei location.