Do USA arrivals need PCR test to come to Taiwan?

Given the large numbers of infected arrivals I assume USA people don’t need PCR prior to boarding flights to taiwan?

Yes they do.

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How are so many getting infected in the last few hours before they board the plane but after the test administered?

It’s not a few hours, is it? The test is administered a day or two before boarding. And that only measures if you caught the virus a couple of days before that. So you’re looking at a few days, including the flight itself, when they may get infected.


All it takes is one to slip through the cracks on a long flight.

So all these people are wandering around the last two years - never getting infected, then they get tested 48 hours before the flight, then they suddenly go out and get infected just prior to the flight?

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Nope false. Many are being caught at the airport now, that is NOT enough incubation time for a positive result.

16-20 hours in an enclosed space is ‘not enough time’ for omicron?


Yes, I’ve had that problem… very troublesome


Feel free to back up your claim with a link.

Let’s rephrase that thought.

When we flew here, July 2020, we were currently in a lockdown city. We didn’t see anyone, until the movers blitzed through, and the PCR test itself, then a hotel for two nights before the flight, and where did we eat our meals for those two days?

Ever wonder how easy it would be to falsify a pcr test report? The boarding agent almost rejected us, because she didn’t see where it said “pcr test”, and it was the genuine deal.

to contract it, yes, but incubation, now that I think of it, doesn’t omicron replicate very quickly? I’ll try to source that then come back, just a vague recall from the current covid developments thread.

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A lot of people who never got infected are getting infected right now.

But if you’re wondering if some kind of shenanigans are happening to get on flights, yeah, I’ve wondered the same.

It’s enough time to catch it, but I’m not sure it’s enough time for it to show up on a test at the airport. I’m sure plenty of those testing positive in quarantine did catch it in transit, whether in the airports or on the plane. (I’ve been morbidly curious about what those testing waiting areas are like.)

Yes there has to be shenanigans somewhere, fake PCR tests?

I guarantee it’s been tried. I mean the very short window required to produce results coupled with the high cost of air travel/ quarantine hotel stays is practically begging people to use forgery out of desperation

Yep I agree with you, must be forgery going on. Nothing else adds up.

Where the duck :duck: do these people come from? Just randomly one day visit the site to vent their spleen on anyone who dares to argue with them.


Are they really testing in the airport now? Or do you mean the spit test when you land?

I just know you must wait for results of test before proceeding from airport. Not sure if it’s still just the spit test.

It was in the news this week.

In this thread people also talk about requirements for returning from US.