Do we not pay our equal share?


Last weekend I went to Elektro in Taipei. My friend, Diane (name changed) invited me to go. She said it was her friends birthday party and they had a table and they said it was ok for her to bring along friends. I asked how much it was and if I could bring a friend so that I would have someone I knew there. She says she doesn’t know the price because she never pays when she parties with him. She said I could bring a friend so I asked my Canadian friend H to go. H and I got there at 12 and met up with Diane and the birthday guy at their table. Diane said they got there at 11:30 and introduced us and the birthday guy poured us some drinks. Everything was fine until the bill came. The birthday guy paid for everything on his card and then requested 4000 from H and I. He showed us the bill was 22,000 and said that the bill is split between only the guys. We were surprised cause I remembered Diane saying she never pays when she parties with him. We forked over 8000, but didn’t see any of the other guys fork over any money…I was confused because usually everyone pays their share equally. Just wanted to know if this is the norm here. Sorry for the big block of text.

Forgot to include that there were about 3 guys and 5 girls there when we got there


These people are Taiwanese? Are they Tai Ke?

In my experience it’s normally the birthday guy who settles the bill. If the bill is to be split (by prior agreement) then it is split equally between everyone … although depending on exactly who is banging whom it might end up being the guys who actually pay.

I don’t get the birthday guy’s calculation. 22K divided by 4000 is not a round number.


Yes all taiwanese. I don’t know what Tai ke is.


The closest English word would be ‘bogan’, I guess. Do the guys have tattoos on their legs?

If there’s a split, it normally works like this: bill divided by number of people, with some of the girls being covered by their bf’s, if they roll that way.


In that case, 8,000 definitely doesn’t sound like your share of a 22,000 bill. Did you two do more drinking than the others? This seems highly irregular, especially since the inviter usually treats the invitee, unless the bill is being equally split.


They all seemed to dress business casual all seemed to have office jobs that required them to wear suits. Didn’t see any tats on them.


They said 22,000 divided by 5 guys is 4000 per person.


Exactly what @finley said, it depends on the crowd and who’s banging who. If they’re suits, might be finance/bank guys, they can’t be that bad with numbers can they?

Your story is probably one of the main reasons why I gave up on the club scene here in Taiwan. It’s always a friend of a friend’s bday and they have a table. At the end of the day, I end up forking over 3-4000NT and all I had were a few shots and a mixed drink. Hell, if I spent 4000NT at the bar, I’d be on the ground crawling home.


So you’re invited to his birthday party, and you’re helping pay for the girls he invited? That doesn’t sound right at all.


I learned my lesson from last time to be sure to ask the guy if its ok with Diane bringing me along and I even asked beforehand the price so that I could be prepared but I was not prepared for the 4000


I would be furious. It sounds like OP knew one person out of that group and ended up paying for the bday boy and 4 other girls.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really enjoy paying for alcohol for people I don’t know.


yeah, personally, I’d be hanging out with those “friends” a lot less often.

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:


The birthday guy said it was fair cause he said the rule in taiwan is only guys pay and its split evenly between all the guys.


well, he’s an asshole, so he probably doesn’t know how ‘fair’ works.


Typically (as ever in Asia), guys (and single girls) split the bills.


My friend Diane said she’s know him for like 4+ years and her and her girlfriends have never paid once when shes partying with the birthday guy or even in other groups.


4000? no thanks!


This is only the rule for guys who have to pay for girls in order to get them to hang out with them.


WTF were you drinking anyway? 22K would be 8-10 drinks for each person. I’m surprised anyone could still divide 22000 by 10 after that.


OP, you sure it was Elektro? You didn’t walk into a KTV did you?