Do we not pay our equal share?


Wait what was in my head? WE are “assuming” there was something in my head. Haha.

But “she decided to move in with her boyfriend”. THAT alone sounds pretty complicated to me.


Far from it. I hope I’m still a few years off from wine snob. Hell, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference between a 400NT bottle compared to a 4000NT bottle.

However, I do prefer a good “fresh” brew from the tap in a glass sitting at a high chair in the bar, as opposed to an aluminum can outside of the convenient store inhaling second hand smoke. Who am I to judge though, some people prefer the latter’s atmosphere.


This opinion is ridiculous. Are you being sarcastic?


Why do you say that?


[quote=“tommy525, post:38, topic:160876”]
Lets say the OP and his male bud each drank 3 drinks that is still only 900/each. The other 3100 each went to buy other people drinks.[/quote]

Actually, the rest of the money went towards the table. They don’t give those out for free.

I’ve been out at the clubs in Taipei a handful of times (few years ago) and each time was with a group that would get a table. Usually the table reservation/rental would come with some sort of minimum drink/bottle order. The guys would split the cost and the girls didn’t pay. Was pretty much SOP from what I could tell.


Asian club culture is total shite. Boring as f&*k and expensive as hell.


I’m surprised people are outraged at this; it definitely is normal if you attend as part of a table. The ethics and morality of this practice is a separate thing.

Easiest way to avoid this is to go to the club separately, pay for your entry and do not consume any of the alcohol on the table.


I love Asian club culture. That barrier makes sure the losers out.


So the winners are the ones who have to waste outrageous amounts of money on alcohol and club tables in order to attract shallow, materialistic women? All I can say is that this is very different from my concept of winning.



OK people, morale of the story:

  1. Never go to a party in a club/bar/pub where you weren’t expected to come.
  2. You want to land pretty girl(s), you better have thick wallet. Otherwise eat biandang with a fatty that nobody wants.
  3. AFAIK, everywhere else in Asia is pretty much the same. One of the reason, some prettier girls seems always have someone to go out with.


yyy, I must say that you bear an uncanny resemblance to a certain someone from the House of Orange.


I wasn’t aware the story was lacking in morale. :slight_smile:


[quote=“arcticsquid, post:51, topic:160876, full:true”]
You want to land pretty girl(s), you better have thick wallet. Otherwise eat biandang with a fatty that nobody wants.[/quote]
Yeah, totally not true. You just need a thick … um, anyway, you don’t need to be rich. You don’t want to be skint, obviously, but people who flash their credit cards around only attract a certain sort of girl, i.e., ones who like men with nothing attractive about them except their credit limit.

Keeping them, I suppose, is a whole different story. There are definitely some who marry for money or security. But again, I can’t see why anybody would voluntarily enter that kind of arrangement, however hot the girl is. I’d rather hook up with a 6/10 who knows how to enjoy herself even when dinner is bian dang and a beer from 7-11. The other sort tend to moan and whine like spoiled brats if life turns even slightly less than picture-perfect.

Of course, if you’re talking about girls way out of one’s league, looks-wise, I believe the standard method is to just pay for what you want, no beating about the bush. I’d guess it’s cheaper in the long run, and amounts to much the same thing. Personally I’d rather work within my limitations.


Pathetic. It’s not like I go clubbing a lot, but not it’s giong to be harder to do it without laughing at the pretentious idiots burning money in there for getting laid.


So you are saying that every/most women who goes to those places are shallow and materialistic?


You’ll have to speak up. I can’t hear you with all these tulips blooming around me… :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

  1. He was expected to come by the girl, Diane… not by the party initiator.
    Diane probably create a way to get someone bail for her.
  2. You could say that. But seriously, no one gonna go out with you knowing you got no money to burn. Male or female.
  3. Yeah, at least we agree on something. :smiley:


May be I prefer to hang out with people who don’t need to burn money for having a good time. I like weird things like walking, swimming, riding and talking bullshit and even looking at the stars, go figure.


Yeah but anyone can go walking or swimming. You need to show them how cool you are, like walk on water or something…