Do we not pay our equal share?


You got him wrong. He meant they are not slut enough.


As a cheapskate foreigner you know you’re only supposed to drink outside the Family Mart downstairs from Halo. Don’t even think about sitting down at a club. Cruise the room, bust a move on the dance floor, get some digits, then head back down for three more tinnies and maybe a cheeky bifta round the corner from Ireland’s Potato. This is basic stuff people, we shouldn’t have to keep going over it every week.


First mistake was asking girls about paying. Girls that hit the club are always there when the champagne comes and never when the bill comes. They have no idea about prices and paying.
And honestly, you are lucky the bill was only 22k. The min at elektro is 20, i’ve never seen one less then 50k. Most people there are spending 50-200k a night. Clubbing in taiwan is not really fun anymore, it’s become so table oriented.






I actually love it being so table oriented.


Somebody gotta pay for the lameness :rofl:


So wrong yet so true.

We needed this response about 10 days ago.


Taiwan girls are so spoiled these days. 5-10 years ago Taiwan was known for having the friendliest girls in the night life scene in asia. My friends in HK, Singapore, Japan, and korea used to love coming here to party. Now even they say the girls here have gotten so spoiled and it’s like you have to pay to talk to them at the club. They all think they’re all special now, and clubs and PRs like myself are partly to blame. We used to bring all these girls to tables that spend 100-200k a night. Now they think they should get bottles of ace every night at tables. Look at Luxy, they changed their round bar where you can chill at in the middle and large dance floor to all tables.


Hitting up the club at 15? We got a veteran here. Make way.

The nice girls have to go somewhere. Where have they gone? Besides married or moved out of the country :smile:


Marriageable girls probably don’t frequent night clubs…just sayin.


Agreed. I’m not a person who could stand that kind of girl (and probably I’m not their victim target type either)


Tough to say. I agree night clubs tend to attract certain types of people, but that doesn’t mean that 100% of the people in there are of what @Andrew0409 and OP have described. I’m sure some people that go just like to get dressed up and have some fun.

For example, you got the guy who’s wing manning for his best mate or the girl to make sure that her bff doesn’t end up in the wrong place with the wrong people. I can’t imagine those two kinds of people, who put their friends enjoyment before their own, are not marriage material.


I was generalizing, sure there are nice sweet girls that go once in a while with their friends. But the club scene used to be more chill. It felt more like a get together at the few clubs where you see your friends. Now they’re so packed and all about popping bottles. It used to be you could just walk in as a guy and have fun. I don’t even pay at most clubs, and I still don’t go anymore. If you want to be about the club life, be a PR, have money to blow, or know people. Otherwise it’s not all that great.


I mean if they inhabit night clubs like pretty much go several times a week

Not the occasional visitor


Similar thing happened to me at my friend’s wife’s birthday…and these are my good friends. Apparently the women all ordered an expensive combo dish and two bottles of wine before we had a chance to order individual meals. At the end of the meal I had to pay NT$2,000 for some gross seafood combo dish. Never again.


yea taiwanese guys must surely hamper the chances laowais have with a lot of those girls. why would they date others when they are getting everything payed for already?

if i was rich enough to be splashing the cash i would want a girl on my level. not some scrounger, i really don’t get it.