Do words have power?


I wonder if they’d still enjoy that support if their victims hadn’t struck back and sent them running.

Few dare oppose victorious violence. Those few that dare… sometimes discover that the initiators of violence have gone soft.

The difference between ISIS and Antifa is that one fought hard for its street cred and the other didn’t have to fight all that hard. Which is why beating ISIS is harder than beating Antifa… but still doable if you’re tough enough.

And trying not to offend? That’s for the suckers.


Who’s to say anyone’s doing anything on purpose? Who’s to say my eyes don’t just roll themselves because of a chemical imbalance or whatever? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Re your comment in the other thread:

(Comments you had every right to make and no right to disown.)

You’re trying to have your cake and ban it too. Free speech means you can say anything, no exceptions! Even if it’s illegal! But if you say you didn’t say something, that’s an exception!

Yet that act of speaking (when you try to “disown” something you said before) is also speech. You’ve dug yourself into a paradox.


It seems to me that your disagreement recapitulates the differences between Wittgenstein of the Tractatus, vs. Wittgenstein of the Blue and Brown Books.


How might one explain that in non-Wittgensteinian terms?


Speech is not always mere reportage (a description of some state of affairs), but can constitute an act (e.g. “I do” in the marriage ceremony). Ordering someone to commit murder makes one a principal to the crime of murder.


Hmmm, my Mother ( who was French), used to tell me that “Pied noir”, referred to Moroccan/Tunisian/Algerian immigrants and was highly improper and offensive. Not sure the French find “noir” acceptable now?


They seem to have reclaimed that term.



Words indeed have power. Even written words. They can bring joy or bring sadness. They can transmit love or hate. They can bring one to better themselves or to kill themselves or others.

Words have POWER.


Okay, if we’re going in this direction, we might as well…