Do you buy stocks in Taiwan?

I went to taishin securities today as I wanted to open a s&p fund I could contribute too, they sent me next door to yuanta bank who said they can’t help me as I am not living in their area due to money laundering rules, told me to go to my bank where they know me. I asked Mega where i have an account, they said foreigners can’t buy American stocks , she blamed it on Canada USA regulations. Told me to try a other bank.

Anyone been successful opening up a trade account or mutual fund? They see a foreigner and say no immediately. Mega said I could buy Indian funds, European, Taiwanese, anything but American.

Just checked cooperative, they said no to all

We have Obama to thank for this. FATCA has turned Americans into international pariahs when it comes to financial services. I hope you’re able to find something. Keep us updated!

I’m Canadian but I think I got lumped in with the Americans lol

The lady at coop said that Americans can have a basic account and that’s it, no other services.

Can you open an account through an online brokerage? Americans need to have a U.S. address to do this, but maybe it’s different for Canadians?

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Thanks I’ll look into it.
I’m not sure how much of the trouble is regulations and how much of it is the bank not being arsed to deal with the odd foreigner who comes in.

Try SinoPac. You should be able to bargain them down to a 0.5% buy and sell commission. I don’t think they have Vanguard but you can get SPY.

Or open a Charles Schwab international account.

Try Fubon or online service Interactive Brokers.

We use our parents’ address in the States. Vanguard mutual funds have some of the lowest rates in the world. Can’t beat a target retirement age fund or two or three fund portfolio (bonds/domestic stocks/international). I’ve got to believe the expense rates are a lot a cheaper in Canada than here.

Should’ve set up a questrade account before leaving Canada. They let you continue using their platform after losing residency. Not sure about signing up when you are not a resident.