Do you eat sushi the Japanese way or Taiwanese way

  • Use hands (as in Japan)
  • Use chop sticks (as is common in Taiwan)
  • Use a fork or other tools
  • Do not eat Japanese food

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Saw some news about Taiwanese not following local norms at a Ramen shop in Fukuoka so it made the local news there . So was thinking of other differences like how to eat sushi. For those not in Taiwan or Japan how do you eat it? I see some people in the Baltics using hands which was a bit a surprise to me, wonder about other areas. FYI, in Japan the norm is to use hands but chop sticks is ok. (but some other no no;s such no soya bean sauce at good place, haha)

Never with fingers, for sanitation reasons. Ironically I eat french fries with my fingers until I remember how dirty they are then use a fork or chopsticks haha. More a bad habit / forgetfulness

if I wash my hands well, I dont mind eating most things with my fingers. but when I am out touching everything, I avoid it as much as possible and enjoy almost never getting sick.

To be fair I ate everything in japan, including infukuoka, with chopsticks and everyone was totally fine with it. One family had an issue with elbows on the table, which made my canadian DNA warm inside :joy:

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I think it is possible to enjoy sushi in Japan using chopsticks. That’s the way I eat it, whether in Japan or Taiwan or elsewhere.


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The question whether to eat sushi with hands or chopsticks is as old as it gets.

Edomae sushi made sense to be eaten with hands, since it was a bloody big chunk sold on carts on the streets.

Modern style sushi is much smaller, hence can be taken easily with chopsticks if you feel comfortable to.

An actual question would be sushi eaten properly with the proper quantity of wasabi or with the tons they put in the soy sauce here in TW.

They really ruin it with the fake wasabi.

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I thought you were going to compare

  • the wrong (Taiwanese) style of mixing the wasabi into a soup with a soy sauce


  • the correct (Japanese) style of keeping wasabi separate from soy sauce. So you can select appropriate desired amount of each for each bite.

By the way chopsticks are okay in Japan.


And also the fake pink gari! :rant:



Just use a fork! And gobs of wasabi.

Christ, don’t even bother about that anymore haha. Just gave up.

But a lot of times I see the small saucer for the soy sauce just green of wasabi and then some soy sauce drops.

They have really 2 perversions here: garlic and wasabi.

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Good video which talks about wasabi and soy sauce:

I’m guilty.

Wait, what? This is a thing?

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In Japan they will ask you if you want wasabi and put it when they make the sushi.

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I don’t like eating with my hands. I eat chicken wings and spare ribs with a fork.

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How do you eat fries or pizza or burgers?

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Pizza I use my hands.

Burgers and fries I don’t eat anymore. Too much cholesterol.

I rarely eat sushi, as I don’t like rice. But sashimi, I’d use chopsticks in Taiwan, just for appearances. In western countries, I’d use my fingers or a fork. I think chopsticks are stupid, and a bit barbaric. Why would you pick up a slippery piece of fish between two sticks when you could simply impale it with a fork?

That one is typically used in great quantities to destroy what is supposed to be HK or Cantonese food. :upside_down_face:


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Because the stabbing-with-a-fork part is kinda barbaric?

Just guessing here. :grin:


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Not really. You have to make a fork. With chopsticks, you just pick up two sticks from a tree or the ground.

As I am sure you know, I am teasing you Jimi.

If you use a fork to eat Japanese food, at least you will not commit the faux pas of sticking your chopsticks into the rice bowl and leaving them there hanging in the air like incense sticks!


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