Do you feel strange everytime you go back to your country?


Hey :slight_smile:
Not sure there was a topic about this (probably yes but could not find it). When we (waiguo ren) go back to our country, sometimes we need a day or two to get used to it again.
Nothing big as far as I am concerned, but I noticed for instance that everytime a pedestrian light is red, I stop and wait while the big majority (even mums with children) will cross the road if there is no car.
Also another thing, I remember many waiguo ren saying they were sick of taiwanese giving them a look (pretty much everywhere in Taiwan), but I noticed it happens much more often in my country (France), especially last time when I went to a library to study chinese for an hour, every single student look up from their book to look at you :smiley: It has actually always been like this, but I must say I totally forgot about it! And this made my mind change a bit about Taiwanese giving you looks, or maybe they do it in a more subtle way.
The food is so different. Being a vegetarian, I can’t believe the difference in texture and taste of tofu here, made in France or Germany (and it has twice the protein it has in Taiwan).

Anyway you get used (back) to it after 2 or 3 days but it always amuses me.
Share your thoughts please.


yea i always like that freshness on the first day or so after arriving. although i seem to be getting used to it faster and faster everytime i go back.


Makes sense :slight_smile:

although i seem to be getting used to it faster and faster everytime i go back.


My first few days back in the UK is usually spent almost getting run over by cars because I’ve reflexively started looking the wrong way when crossing roads.


nope. Feel normal. Though it does take a day or two to readjust to the driving habits.


Why are the people in France staring at you ?


Because of his blue and white ‘sandals’ and binlang stains down the front of his T-shirt that says “1000% Camadian Bacoon” amid a sea of sequins.


It happened to me years ago after I first spent 6 months in Taiwan. But over the last 10 years, I’ve been going back to the US once a year, so everything seems normal.


I came back to my home country for the first time in five years and i didnt recognize it, so many things have changed.

I didn’t feel like I wanted to stay there for long. Which made me happy. I’m obviously a nowhere ren now and it always had been the objective.


When I came here first I went back twice in five or six years. I felt a massive gap at the time and there was nothing in the way of social media to peer into what was going on the other side of the world.

Now I go back and expect some change.
Then I didn’t and that is probably the biggest difference.
I do get back more often and that helps to take the edge off of it.

Hardest bit is keeping your mouth shut when you see something that is obviously stupid and there’s a better approach.


Not really staring but giving more obvious looks than in taiwan, that is what I noticed. Don’t know why.


Feel exactly the same about your last statement!