Do you feel that President Chen should be recalled?


[b]“Do you feel that President Chen should be recalled?”

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Yes. Because the majority of people in Taiwan did not want him in the first place. If there is an alternative democratic process to oust him, whatever the excuse, so be it. Let’s face it, the only reason he got into power was because the people miscalcualted, thinking the KMT stood a chance. Accepting that the most important issue is probably the economy and maintaining the cross straits status quo, many people may now realise their mistake, and would, if given a second chance, probably vote tactically. Bit they now have to wait (how many years is it?) before they get the chance to do so again. Sorry Ah Bien, you’re a good sort, but true democracy means allowing the will of the majority to come to bear. But thanks for your help in shaking up the system.


Some people say, however, that of the three former Presidential candidates, the one person who stands a chance at pushing forth relations with the Mainland at this point in time is Chen, because he is least “brainwashed” by the KMT front.

It all comes down to economics, because as China’s infrastructure and economy continues to develop at the pace that it is, Taiwan in the long run doesn’t stand a chance unless it finds one or two “export” products that it can claim dominance in the global markets.

Trade makes up a significant portion of Taiwan’s economic strength, but there is no way to prevent buyers from moving over to the Mainland, as labor is much more abundant, and much cheaper. There is nothing that will change the fact that the Mainland China markets is HUGE, and already, many family businesses in Taiwan engaged in import/export businesses are feeling the impact.

Taiwan needs to push forth economic cooperation with the Mainland asap. Though I’m not necessarily saying that Chen has the ability to do that, what I am saying is that he probably has a better chance at getting his foot in the door than those in the KMT.

How very ironic, no?


Ashley it is obvious that you have no concept of democracy. You are more then likely a James Soong supporter and I am sorry but he is not a good sort! Taiwanese are the biggest bandwagoners when it comes to politics. The choice was made to elect Chen and his mandate is to rule for four years. The people did in fact choose him and since it is the people who decided they must accept their choice until they can vote again. If you think that electing the KMT over and over again forever is democracy well start learning!! The power plant issue is no surprise, yes sometimes Chen makes decisions too quickly but the DPP has always opposed this issue, so to say that the people did not want it scraped and now they play dumb is plain ignorance. The people spoke and Chen was their choice. Stop always pointing the finger for every issue at the government. Chen


I don’t necessarily think that Chen is the most qualified president. However, I do think that the significance of his rise to Presidency is an important one in the sense that it forces the KMT to really get their **** together. They’ve got four years to do it.

The most important Presidential election for the R.O.C. isn’t what just took place but rather, who wins the next one. In my humble opinion.