Do you guys need anything?


Long-time reader, second-time poster. Thank you for maintaining a vibrant, fun community! I learned a lot about what to expect and how to behave.

My first trip to Taipei is coming up soon, and I was wondering: is there anything that Forumosans might need from the US that is not easy to get in Taipei? I mean, here’s my chance to do a favor to forum members – it won’t be a gift, but I won’t charge more than the actual cost of the items. I suppose I can play FedEx for a chance to party with the locals :slight_smile:


I like cinnamon chewing gum - Dentyne Fire or Wrigley’s Big Red are good! :notworthy:

How’s your current access to firearms?

Hi fo fo, that’s a very generous offer! :notworthy: I do have a few items I’d love if you can find them. I’ll send you a PM.

Hmmmm… Soft-shelled corn tortillas? :smiley:

El duderino?

I want a Hummer. Oh . . .

I should mention in the interest of fairness that the cutoff for requests will be either on midday Thursday Eastern Standard Time or when my bag fills up :stuck_out_tongue:
I can probably meet at Carnegie’s around 15:00 on this Sunday, details TBD

And no, I can’t bring sourcream :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I’m also a fan of Wrigley’s Big Red. I’ll try to grab a few packs – haven’t seen too many in the stores lately.

Can’t transport firearms over airplanes – don’t have the proper license. Besides, I don’t know how the Taiwanese police would feel about that.
Let’s stick closer to the realm of things more likely to be legal.

The mexican stuff is probably okay – soft-flour tortillas sound doable, but they may go a little stale over the flight.


Don’t worry about the tortillas.

Them links help?

You can get those here, a Shelby Mustang on the other hand… :ponder:


Thanks for the tortilla link, chief! I’ll be sure to ring 'em tomorrow.

Them links help?[/quote]
Kinda…though it was more the idea that they’d get stale pretty quickly.

Perhaps the links should be added to the “WCIF corn tortillas” thread?

Ok, dudes and dudettes.

Maoman gets 3x 3-pack of Big Red, and I’m throwing in something called “Hot Tamales,” “America’s most popular cinnamon candy,” but really just mouthbombs for nuking your unsuspecting Taiwanese friends.

Dragonbones, apparently a gourmand, gets some delicacies like wild rice and sun-dried tomatoes.

Details and arrangements in PMs.

Is it too late to ask for a job? :laughing:

Nowadays, they are as rare in the US as they are in Taiwan.
Besides, it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are going to be made in China now, so put in your order…

Gum and candy are ok, but don’t bring foodstuffs in. They have sniffer dogs like rats over that airport at the moment. I saw a mainlander get smacked with a baton for smuggling in two apples. Food for thought.
Oh, and you could probably get into trouble for heroin too.

SOME foodstuffs (processed, packaged ones) are fine.

I’m not being in any way disparaging. Just advising you to err on the side of caution. It’s a very kind gesture, Mr/Ms fo_fo. :notworthy: