Do you hate your coworkers?


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White boys from lower income families are achieving particularly poor educational outcomes in many western countries. It’s a big issue.

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And Taiwan has white boys from lower income families achieving particularly poor educational outcomes?

And it’s not the education system failing those boys. It’s the toxic masculinity failing them. Boys who read are bullied for being nerds or gay in the West. The same doesn’t apply in Asia.


I didn’t realise you were focussing on Taiwan in your reply, apologies.

If you Google “Is education failing boys” you can take your pick of research into why this might be the case.


Maybe, I don’t know why actually. I’ve just noticed it.

Typically (not always) they are more mature for their age.

When guys that age show up with A-level social skills and politeness, I salute them. :salute:


Such a joke xD

You were trying to trigger people, but you kinda think (or act) that way.

Is that the case anymore? I don’t think so. People like to make blank statements and using stereotypes for one thing and the contrary. “Taiwanese and Asian wives are submissive, not like Western women” and “Taiwanese wives grab you from the balls and you can only say yes to whatever they say or you will have a fight”.


Lots of strong women out there. Just less gender bullshit claims like in the civilised world West.


This sounds like 90 percent of students anywhere in the World.

It’s not my problem that you are so easily triggered, lol.

Did I look triggered to you?

Checked the other teacher’s QA answers today.

Q: Why is James eating ice cream?

A: he lik at bucuz many god?

Meanwhile my students answer:

James is eating ice cream because it is hot outside.


Again I’m not talking about anyone on here. Please don’t take it personally.

Many Gods ? Blasphemy.

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