Do you hate your coworkers?

The first thing that comes to mind is “to be announced,” but that works too.

My main interest in the job is working harder and being more productive than everyone just so I get a fatter paycheck and a better position than them. Don’t know if that’s a good thing.

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That’s just when I walk into a room. :wink:

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Just a typical workplace here, especially the stunt that the guy pulled about you going to the bathroom.

Knuckle down, head low, focus on work, soon you aren’t the new guy anymore but one of the senior crew and people will give you a lot less shit.

Also work is political in general so make sure you make friends with some local staff that matter (basically do something useful for them individually ). Remember they often dislike each other too but try not to get involved with the internal gossip.


Remember you should help some of your coworkers achieve in their job as well. Its important for internal politics but also for company goals. Good teams are hard to beat!
I 100% believe in this, teamwork is extremely important.

If your team succeeds you will get better opportunities generally and they will back you up in front of management
Most of the Taiwan office of my company barely would speak to me before including the GM who thought I may be a HQ spy. Thwy ignored me for a whilw year. I just got on with things and focused on my Asian activities and network first.

He’s gone I am still here and now the Taiwan staff see (mostly) that I am just trying to help them to achieve their goals too. The new GM came in without too many preconceptions , often you just have to bide your time. I found out that much of the enmity was directed at the Dept I work for and not me personally. Now I always tell my.dept members we need to improve our internal mage in the company and also support our manager with this goal as we succeed together or fail together.

One thing is for sure you must keep.your line manager onside and make sure they know you are working with their plan.

You may not like them , you may even detest tour m manager , but you have to make them, at the very least , not concerned that you are not cooperating with them. Either that or make a stack of money for the company and then they looks good too!

A lot of this is just human nature, tribal stuff, you got to make sure you have enough people have your back when the shit goes down (I’m sure deuce dropper would have put it much better …). Did you notice how upset you got about the lady eating her food ? Tribal Stuff. She may be out performing in her job but she doesn’t have good Tribal IQ. Maybe she skipped lunch or has to eat due to diabetes or whatever , you shouldnt hold it against her.


If I didn’t get along with a customer or co-worker I just fired them. I’ve been working with my current crew of customers and co-workers for so long now though that we’re like a well-oiled machine. I can’t even remember at this point what it was like to “not get along”.

You guys have a mage in your company? That is pretty cool.

Level him up as fast as you can so you can defeat the dark forces of the GM. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that was discussed before multiple times. Being American Born is the worst case in terms of getting along with locals. You look like you’re one of them - they expect you to act as one of them. Maybe that’s a bad joke, but one of my friends said “If you’ve seen the world too much, you’re a bad slave”.

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After almost 4.5 years at this company, I’ve learned to just keep to myself.

Then again the average age of my company is well into the 40’s, so not too many after work dinners and gatherings. It’s all Ah-Yis and all they like to do is gossip and buy things in bulk. I have gone days without saying a single word to someone in the office and I honestly don’t mind. They’re co-workers and nothing more.

Hate? Harsh word, but I’ve met the worst human being in my previous manager. She just…enjoyed watching the world burn.


I’ve never understood how this sort of person manages to rise any higher than toilet-roll-changer. In fact I’ve met much nicer toilet-roll-changers. It’s baffling. I have to work with a manager (not my manager) who embodies a weird combination of utter incompetence and a desire to see other people suffer. Why anybody would promote someone like that to a high-level position is beyond my comprehension.

Whatever it is, I suppose it explains the Pol Pots and Kim Il Sungs of this world.

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It’s usually a matter of kissing the big boss’ ass. You can be as incompetent as you like, but as long as you’re a good kisser… I’ve seen this happen so many times. Either that, or they’re a relative.


I slowly understood the reasoning behind it.

She put work before everything else in her life and the boss man likes that. This person can be a horrible people person, but can get the job done. As a boss, (in Taiwan) you don’t mind an employee like this. It sucks, but it’s true.

Well, in this case, she doesn’t get the job done. She pisses off people so fast the staff turnover is ridiculous. She’s too ill-informed to make effective decisions - in fact her general modus operandi for making decisions seems to be: what is the worst possible outcome I can produce here? How can I turn a simple problem into a complete shitstorm?


it has been almost 3 years at this company - - -
you are not alone-
i have weeks without talking to someone and there is more than 50 employees. When i see someone who want to talk with me i understand that they need something.
I generally say when they finish all the blablabla… iam sorry but iam busy… foreign market is so soooooooo busy
it absolutely do not bother me… I do my stuff and do not care about all the bitching.
Same thing than you is that they all have been here for a long time ( between 15 and 20 years).
They refuse change, refuse upgrades, refuse young blood, refuse competition, refuse criticism, refuse to blame anyone inside the company which leave us with ONLY the customers to blame.
i get pretty well along this game.

So to the question if i hate them, the answer will be NO
They don’t even exist in my world
I can’t hate something which do not exist

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She could only bully the people that she managed and because the company has some American culture infused into the local culture, staff turnover is pretty low. None of us left while she was managing us.

I’m forever grateful for her getting transferred to the other team and my co-worker (who’s only 2-3 years older than me and in her early 30s) is our manager now. Our now manager even straight up apologized to us for sucking up to my previous manager and said she wasn’t proud of it, but it had to be done so old manager wouldn’t hate on her.

About the same size as my company. I sometimes go and chat with the young girlies in the other departments to see what the kids are doing outside of work nowadays, but that’s maybe once in a few weeks. I don’t want to be that creeper guy at work they tell their friends about.

LoL- i take breaks of 30-40min around 10am and 3pm, plus 2 small breaks.
got to know many cool people inside the building.

At the beginning i hated on them, but my wife explain that she never saw that before.
Our friends said the same.
There are always benefits and costs by being in a traditional company ( even if they pretend to be modern).

Keep it up bro

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Exactly same thing happened to me and our team years ago. Global commercial manager appointed a guy with no sales experience and no industry experience to be our sales manager!
Cos the guy had a similar original background to commercial manager and was good at toadying…?

Anyway he is not in our line of work anymore (although he did manage to sneakily get me fired first), I think part of the reason for his appointment was an unconscious 'fuck you to our team . Usually it’s some total prick or family member at the top that is hiring these idiots .

The people I work with now are very careful about putting the right people in management. Everubody gets vetted by an interview team.
No family dolts or easy hires here because you like the same sports teams.

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I don’t hate my co-workers. The only complain I have is noise. Maybe I am too sensitive.

For a while it was using duct tape close to my desk. You know, the ear-piercing sound variety…

What are you talking about? That duct tape noise is as good as no noise.

Best noise…ever.

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My parrots go crazy when they hear that sound…they absolutely love it.