Do you hate your coworkers?

That’s why I love parrots .

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Guess, I am NOT a parrot…

The gray duct tape common in the US is not that loud. It’s the transparent cheap stuff MIT that drives me up the wall.

That art, btw?

Fuck me, I could only stand about 20 seconds of that

My wife plays that shit like Slash on a Les Paul…

This is an American/Italian company. The top people are Americans and Italians and they all like me and want me to succeed and get on top. I’m not an expert in this industry but they know I have experience running a gyms operation while also being the head trainer. And they liked that I’m Taiwanese American that’s familiar with the Italian culture and people. So I seem to be ok with the right people to move ahead. But just certain Taiwanese mentality some of other posters mention really tick me off in the work place. I had some of it at the gym but wasn’t an issue because I pretty could do what I needed if anyone was not on my good side. But here, I’m a new guy with the grunts digging the trenches for now.

I don’t hate them, I guess I’m still learning basic standard procedures. If anything I pity them as they can be trained like monkeys to do the standard procedure to the dot. But they can’t or aren’t willing to think how they can do more. Same issue I had at the gym, and I ended up running it because I was literally the only one that gave a shit about it. It was also my home gym where I learned Muay Thai so it had sentimental value to me.

But almost all of the coworkers are fine with me. I contribute and try hard. I chat and joke with them. You know basic banter and report building. Just a few are really annoying to work with.

The girl I said that is horrible under stress continues to freak out when she’s a little busy and you cause any minor inconvenience that just happens in basic human interaction. I was in her way and she tried to “move/shove” me aside from behind yesterday. A bit funny because it didn’t budge and turned around and looked at and as she realized I was much heavier than she expected.

I don’t hate my coworkers, but them eating stinky tofu in the office will get me closer…

Now that’s pushing it.

Happened today, just went out and bought a coffee, to get away from the smell. I never understand how someone can think, “I really could need a stinky tofu right now.” But then there might be people who cannot understand why someone would go and buy a coffee. But coffee smells nice, right, even to non-coffee drinkers?

Bring a durian.

I for one am a fan of stinky tofu, but not a fan of it being in the office. That shiz will get everywhere.

I like them better than I do most of you pig fuckers, FWIW :idunno:

Do they make pills for Tourette’s?

I know people who hate the smell of coffee. It even gives some people headaches.

I find a bracing slap on the face usually snaps them out of it.

Was that in reference to me?
If so, you’re off the mark.
Tourette’s (sic) involves involuntary vocal tics.

I meant to say that.

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You just have more commitment than your average Tourette sufferer.


It takes a lot to annoy me, but it does get my goat when people leave food in the office to finish later. A McDonald’s cheeseburger is revolting enough as it is, but when half of it has been left at ambient temperature for a couple of hours it surely can’t be edible. I just don’t get how they can do that.

I like my coworkers in my present job. I am still wary of Taiwanese in the workplace but think I have reached a level of seniority in which I can avoid a lot of the nonsense