Do you have a 3 year old?

Oh, you do, do you? Then you probably sometimes would rather poke your eyeball out with a rusty nail than to spend the whole morning listen to the 3’s whine.

Here is something for anyone without a 3, or without children to read.

:laughing: … aking-out/

But don’t worry. 3 and a half to 4 will be hell on earth. My first turns 4 this month. Yay for me, there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Just two more munchkins to go.

I’ve got a three year old girl and a five year old boy. The girl can be a major handful right now. She has quite the temper and can just lose it over the tiniest thing. It usually follows this pattern:

Daughter) I don’t want to ______________ (eat breakfast, go upstairs, or just about anything)

Me) Okay, you don’t have to.

Daughter) I want to _______________ (the thing she just said she didn’t want to do)

Me) Okay, go ahead

Daughter) Starts crying, screaming etc. yelling “I want to ___________” Even though I’ve told her many times that she can do it.

After awhile, I usually send her to her room until she quiets down. Of course, then I get to listen to my wife’s parents telling me how I’m a bad parent for putting her in her room and they can get a bit upset when I refuse to let them go into her room until she has calmed down.

And now we know why this happens:

A (25-year-old woman): I want to do ______.
B (boyfriend/husband): Well, I’d rather not. How about we do _________ instead.
A : {crying, screaming, shouting, throwing things like a three-year-old).
B : oh, fine, OK, we’ll do it your way.

This thread is golden. My boy just turned three. I know he means well and I love him tons but I can’t say that I always enjoy his company very much. Sounds cold, I know, so I do my best to just stay calm and try to fill his life with the love and support my parents gave me, but it sure is a struggle sometimes. The main problem is when we’re out. He tends to respect the authority of his father if it’s just the two of us or if we’re with his mom and his little sister(1yo), but when we’re with uncles or grandparents who can’t help but spoil him and shower him with candy (wife’s uncle happens to be the CEO of a major candy company :doh: ) he just runs to one of his spineless groupies whenever I tell him to do something he doesn’t feel like doing. Trips to restaurants are rarely eventless.