Do you have a motorcycle (not scooter)? Want company?

In that case, please let me drive …

Yes, I am looking for someone who will let me practice a little bit of driving on your precious bike

The last time I let a girl drive the bomb I had to take it to Bikefarm to get it fixed.

There’s a new forum for this type of thread, btw.

Wait! I’ll trade motorcycling lessons for, I mean I’ll give you a cat too.

I’ll take the cat! Would be fun to explain to the woman whose cats I’m ‘babysitting’ over the summer: “You know, sometimes two cats become three …”

You have to keep the cat forever. She’s not a bad cat, as cat’s go, and doesn’t deserve to be out on the streets. I’m just not cut out to have a cat.

Is it a black Domestic Shorthair, by any chance?

If you can hang on to it for 3 months, I’d love to have it…if it’s a black cat (my favorite kind).

While we’re at it, if anyone has a pool (and a poolside bar) they’d like me to use in exchange for my company, please let me know.


The pleasure of my company can be traded for all sorts of things:
Pools and poolside bars
Bikini girls
Free drinks
Bags full of money
Dare I mention blowjobs?
Even a trip to the beach, sometimes