Do you have a service or product you'd like to trade?

My original thread on Barter Exchanges has served it’s purpose, but is now too long and messy to use (I think.) It was an idea around this time last year and now it’s finally taken real shape.

It now has it’s first real listing (for translation services.) Mine will be real too, but it was mostly a test.

Here’s the idea in a nut shell. You (the guy teaching piano lessons) want a website. I build websites, but want guitar lessons. The guy that teaches guitar lessons, now wants to move on to piano.

Money could exchange hands to make the three get what they want, but that money will most likely be the product of teaching English (or whatever,) not produced doing the work you love (guitar, piano, and geekery.)

Using the LETS allows all three people to trade services between each other.

So… You could get a website (or any other service listed on the LETS) paid for by something you love doing (scuba diving, guitar, paiting, soccer, Jujitsu, Judo, cooking, Thai Boxing, etc.) instead of paid for from the thing you (probably) do not like doing so much (teaching English, technical writing, putting up with SHITE at The Office*, etc.)

Register here:

If you have any problems with registration, posting an ad or anything, I’d be happy to answer them in this thread.

If you’re still skeptical of barter exchanges, that’s cool. I’d rather answer those questions back at the long messy thread.

It’s in a testing phase of sorts, but everything is working 100%.

*I’ve never seen The Office.

I’m already in now, too. I’m offering a translation service.

Miltownkid. Are you looking for feedback, I didn’t find it very intuitive, maybe just because you only have a few members?

Yes I am. I don’t find it very intuitive either. I suppose I could have made the link go straight to the registration page, but… Well, here’s the link straight to the registration page.

[Register Here]

I didn’t make the software, but the guys that did do listen to feedback. Let me know where you think it could be improved and how and I’ll pass it on.


Maybe as its new you could have a welcome page with some explanation of your vision. Once you have signed up being directed to a different/personalised(?) welcome page might be nice too.

I have a friend with a great (but simple) website. he gets 1000’s of hits just from people looking at the info section.

Also I would specifically ask a few people to sign up so that you can offer more services while this is still new. I’ll pass it on to my Chinese Teacher as he is quite entrepreneurial and am sure he would get a kick out of it.

That’s the plan. That’s why it’s sort of beta right now. I want to put a whole website together with “the vision” and stuff, but I figure since it’s up and running now I should go ahead and let people sign up while it’s there.

I’ll get to work on the separate site now though. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have some reading material that explains to me what kind of businesses I should get signed up first, then second, then third. It’s based off of a “critcal mass” of sorts (which businesses to sign up a what times.)

I hope to have things at a “1.0” level within 6 months (after Chinese New Year.) People can sign up and start using it right now though, if they can put up with the “unusability” of it.

TTT for a MTK idea with good potential