Do you have any favourite ETFs?

I asked a friend of mine at one of the big financial houses to recommend ETFs I might consider. Unfortunately, he only gave me a list of the ETFs in Asia - he didn’t recommend anything specific. I can’t ask him to since I’m not a client and he should save his efforts for those his firm can make money off of

Would you look over this list and point out any that you have had experience with? Ultimately, I suppose, performance is based on overall market. But if you have anything to share about any/all of these listings, I would love to hear it

How about just give me your money and I’ll get back to you? :slight_smile:

Is this because you have set up a reliable computerized index fund management program? :wink: I’d consider it if that was the case

Actaully,I know ETF from newspaper this year.
I buy one and it makes a food profit ,anyway.
Can you tell me more about ETF?