Do you have Type O negative blood?


This message was forwarded to me via SMS:

Our dear friend patrick byrne of the money shot horns and his lovely lady alison bain welcomed their son finn into the world last week. Sadly, though, finn showed up two months premature and is in critical condition. Finn needs type O negative blood, which is very uncommon in taiwanese blood banks. If you or anyone you know is type O- and is willing and able to donate, please contact patrick at 0939574737


I’m facebooking it…it’s a great way to get the word out.


I made a Facebook group. If youre on FB, pls joing and ask your friends to join. I always wanted type O- blood because I loved the band! Let’s hope we find some donors:)


good work, battery9!


already found one…a very well known Forumosanimal:) Please join the group and invite all your friends


I’ll donate as soon as I get back; I’m in the US until Feb 1. Will that help?

O Rh- and proud of it!


I just called Patrick and they have eight donors lined up but gratefully noted my details because there is a chance more will be needed in the future.

For other chances to donate blood (not specifically O neg), there’s a blood donation van parked on Da An Rd just north of ChungHsiao (behind Sogo) almost every day. BUT CALL PATRICK DIRECTLY TO MAKE DONATIONS OF O NEG BLOOD FOR HIS NEWBORN SON.




I don’t know what type my blood is, but I’m happy to donate. I was refused before because I’ve had hepatitis. Is this still the case?


I’ve never weighed enough to donate:( Does anyone want to donate some fat?


Just got this from a WeChat Group in China that I am a member of. It involves a member of the International community there although the need seems to be in Tianjin

Dear All,

This is a call out for a patient (Asif) who has had liver failure and urgently needs a transplant. The others have been arranged but his surgery will require 2000 ml of O negative blood.
The hospital is in Tianjin.
For people willing to travel, the family is willing to pay for accommodation and travel costs.
If you are O negative or have friends in Tianjin or nearby (e.g. Beijing) please let BLOODLINE know.

If you can help,
Wechat ID Contact: Racelle

To better understand the situation, I found this link about the challenges of O negative blood donors


I received a message last week from Taipei Blood Donation Center saying they they were lacking of A+ blood type.
My point is, even if you are not O-, please donate blood often. It may not seem much, but you can help a lot!