Do you know any college engineering or computer science graduates who can't find a job?

Do you know any college engineering or computer science graduates who can’t find a job? Taiwan only, can be any level (bachelor’s master’s doctorate)
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If you answered yes, can you provide further details?

Didn’t answer, but I’m a final year Computer Science student and I haven’t been able to find an internship. I don’t anticipate it being easy to find a job in tech once I graduate either. I would be able to find a job teaching English, but I’m trying to get away from that

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Why do you think that is? Because software isn’t big in Taiwan?

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Final year, why are you looking for an internship instead of a job? Don’t know about Taiwan, but I the US , some (many? most?) companies require interns to be returning to school. Also wondering when you started looking - we finished our main intern hiring like 6+ months ago.


In the US there are lots of tech layoffs right now.

Because I’m not really in the target demographic for junior/intern roles. I don’t think businesses in Taiwan are chomping at the bit to hire older foreigners with no experience. I would say that the amount of companies that would be open to this already limits your options to startups or international companies. The recent tech crunch certainly hasn’t helped either. It also probably hasn’t helped that I’m doing my degree distance with the University of London, so there’s not really any support network through my Uni to find local roles.

I meant, I was unable to find an internship last year, and you’re right, now it’s probably too late for that. From your comment, are you with a US based company?

I’m friends with Alan McIvor, the foreign headhunter dude. The advice that he gave me was to try to network as much as I can and give myself a time frame once I graduate to solely work towards finding roles in Taiwan. Once that deadline has passed, I should give serious thought of returning to the UK.

You would need at least a masters to get hired in high-tech companies in Taiwan. Most professors will prefer students to work on research topics that are hot at the moment, resulting in most new graduates having worked on extremely similar things. The problem is that experience gained in a topical research might not be the experience the industry is currently looking for. Of course, there will be very well paid positions for these students, but they will be disproportionate to the amount of students with that sort of background.

Also, people were expecting a slump in 2023 for the US and European consumer markets, and as a result hiring has been slow.


Finding a job isn’t difficult.

Finding a job the pays a decent salary… that’s the issue.

Those who do generally are working remote for some western company.


I know an EE PhD who struggled a couple of months to find a job after graduation. But it might be because he wanted to move to Kaohsiung and work in a more Biotech related field, so he had a smaller pool of options than if he applied to more “traditional” EE jobs in Hsinchu.

Does he have a job now?

Yes, after 2~3 months he found a job. :blush:

Quite the struggle…


Have you looked at TSMC? They hurtin’ for people, and that includes software.

TSMC are hurting for experienced devs, not so much for fresh grads. I did apply for their internship program last year, but had no reply.