Do you make use of nap time?

Do you nap?

  • Every day
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It is supposed to be good for you. Many locals nap here in Taiwan. You can see them on a bench at 7-11, on a table at Mc-Donalds, on the reception counter in many businesses, etc, etc.

I never nap, I sleep at night. I tried before if I felt tired but I can’t actually sleep, it doesn’t work for me. Besides, I always have things to do. I often get up early just to see the day instead of sleeping through it.

On this subject, it’s quite funny to see how easily some people can fall asleep here. It’s like they have an ON/OFF switch or something.

Edit: Pic is from mordeth’s pics but he got it on the net.


Ha, ha! Fantastic pic!

I make use of it when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. Which sometimes is quite often.

On the locals’ habit to nap everywhere… Of course they have to nap everywhere! They live pretty unhealthy lifestyles, they’ve got no energy because they don’t exercise, work long hours (whether they actually work efficiently, that’s a whole other question), shop till 9.30, eat late, go to buxibans till 10pm, etc. No wonder they sleep on the MRT!

A couple of years back, I was a napping grand master… but I took a holiday home for a couple of months. And when I got back and ever since the mighty power of the nap has evaded me. On rare occation I can konk out for a few. But genereally I find I just lie there resting, but not actually falling asleep anymore… sigh… I miss my naps. :snivel:

Used to nap every afternoon at University…gotta love BA!!
Used to sleep during my lunch breaks back when I still had a “real” job…lol

Nowadays I can usually just steal a few minutes here and there. Funny thing is, I have no problems grabbing a few winks during the day (when it’s hot), but at night I struggle to get to sleep. The strangely enough I have problems waking up in the mornings again…

I napped when I was younger. But it isn’t convienient anymore.

I find it amazing how Taiwanese can nap on MRT’s, buses, etc. and be able to wake up just in time to get off…when I nap, I am pretty much out cold…

I teach in a public school.

I came into the office last week and one of my foreign co-workers was there. All the Taiwanese teachers were sleeping.

We sat there for about five minutes before class talking about work related matters.

When everyone woke up, one of the teachers came up to us and complained that we were being too noisy and that this was sleeping time.

I just said sorry 'cause I didn’t want to start shit. But what the hell?!?! I am not aloowed to work in the office because they need their sleep?!?!

My co-worker and I were talking with quiet voices as well. Trying to be considerate.

Maybe if they would get a proper nights sleep then they would be able to get some work done while at school and other people would be allowed to work at lunch time as well.

Or they should change the sign to “Sleeping room” instead of “Educational Development Office”. :fume:

I like the picture. It reminds me of kids falling asleep on scooters either early in the morning or late in the evening. That would be a trophy picture too.

I’m spending a couple of hours a day commuting at the moment, so I often crash on the bus or train. I prefer a 10-15 power snooze, but now I’m simply CRASHING. Last week, on the train, I slept right past my station. :raspberry:

I wish I could afford afternoon naps. I doze off every time I put my son to sleep and it’s SOOO HAAARD to kick myself out of the bed without sleeping at least an hour or two.

I’ve been constantly sleepy ever since my son was born. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere. I hate taking buses, cause it’s always the same: sitting on the bus, feeling my head getting heavier and heavier, knowing I need to get off soon, starting to drool, must-get-off-soooooon I think, head bumps against the window, must-not-sleep, wiping the drool, head getting heavy again… :help:

I can’t nap (unless I am not feeling well) though I have been known to fall asleep in classrooms, training / workshop sessions and meetings even. I guess a monotone voice somehow triggers it …

I nap almost everyday.
My day starts insanely early - sometime 0400 or so and can extend into the evening.
But, as I work mostly at home, I do tend to hit a wall and nap either in later morning or early afternoon. Just 30 - 45 minutes and all is well.

Napping…I like it!