Do you need any items from Germany?

I’ll be back from Germany in Taiwan in 2 weeks. Is anybody looking for German products that are not available in Taiwan? I would be happy to bring something from Germany with me as long as it’s not too heavy or too big. And you should be able to pick it up in Taipei or Taoyuan.

I have been waiting for replies to your more than generous offer and was a bit surprised that none came up. This made me think about what I miss from Germany. GOOD sausage, GOOD cheese, ROUND women, beer I can chew (a good thing) and rosy faced kids. The sausage, beer and cheese I can live without but damn I miss them; the ROUND women would just piss my wife off and the kids, hell, I don’t really miss them, I just threw it in. Anyway, thanks for your kindness to us all here at Forumosa.

yeah, agree that your gesture is great! thanks!

what I want is something too big, bulky and too long so I will give it a miss too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, real jaegerschnitzel and a bottle of spaetlese from some little winery in the hills of the Mosel River. But that would likely get your suitcase all messy. :wink: Hope you have a good trip back.